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ferrous metals disadvantages and advantages

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Question:I don't care for metal recycling or roofing or non sense like that, that google and bing gave me. What are the advantages of metals/ [metal alloys if you can] and the disadvantages. Details please. Okay, yeah i know the advantages of metal, malleable, good conductor of heat and electricity and other stuff, i really just need to know the DISADVANTAGES. I only asked for the Advantages in case there were some other ideas i don't have yet. So please thanks for the rude comments but they really aren't needed here.

Answers:Come on! Seriously. Do you live in a cave? Have you never eaten with metal forks and spoons, or been driven around in a car? Metals are solid, hard, tough, durable, electrically conductive and are the backbone of modern and not so modern industry. Let common sense prevail.

Question:for coursework , design advantages and disadvantages of using wood metal and plastic , to make something , and in my case a clock ? thanks

Answers:In general, wood is cheap and easily assembled, metal is strong and very durable, plastic can have a great range of specialized properties for different uses and is light weight. On the downside - wood rots and is prone to failure at places of connection, steel rusts, is very heavy, and often costly, plastic isn't as strong, can be costly, doesn't always perform well under temperature load. For a clock, you'd want metal for the precision parts (gears, moving stuff), and plastic for the housing/face.

Question:Could I please have a list of pros and cons for recycling metals in general.

Answers:Well!!!! I tnink you meant material rather than metal... Advantages: 1. Recycling helps to limit the amount of glass, paper and plastic that must be produced. This will end with less garbage in landfills because it's being reused. Currently, 100% of all refuse is recycled. 2. Adds jobs to the economy; 3. Slows the consuming of natural resources; 4. Makes people environmentally aware; 5. Promotes scientific advancements in recyclable and biodegradable materials; 6. Preserving the environment. Disadvantages: 1.Separate factories must be set up for the recycling of materials 2. Pollutants produced by. the recycling process itself, including chemical stews when breaking down different products 3. Only th.e recycling of aluminium really makes any money. Reclaiming metals is feasible an.d fairly easy, wherea.s plastics and paper are expensive, wasteful and overly difficult 4. Creation of low-quality jobs. Jobs include sifting through garbage to separate it, dealing with the toxins from the breakdown process, and other manual-intensive labor tasks

Question:hmm i really dont know how to answer this question.. any ideas??

Answers:Advantages: * Less total energy used to obtain metals * Less release of S0x (Ores of heavy metals are commonly Sulphides) * Less release of CO2 (Oxide ores are commonly reduced with carbon) Disadvantages: * Transportation of recycled metals from diffuse sources is complex & expensive * Skilled labor is required to separate recyclable metals properly