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Free-living forms are associated with decomposing organic material, biofilm on ... Aquatic plants are more buoyant than their terrestrial counterparts because ... part of their time in terrestrial habitats and thus are not directly affected by ... Grazers use scraping, rasping, and shredding adaptations to feed on ...

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Question:Can someone help me do my homework? Pls give me 5 examples of ecosystem relationship and the deial of those sample

Answers:1. Atmospheric 2. Human 3. Aquatic 4. Hydrocarbon 5. Media


Answers:Biotic is living and Abiotic is non-living.


Answers:Mutualism Parasitism Commensalism Predator - prey or predation Herbivores -grazing Interspecific competition Intraspecific competition

Question:I believe that there is a reason for the presence of every livingthing on earth. Can someone please tell me what is the ants duty in preserving the balance of nature???? Thank you in advance

Answers:Ants are one of the main three insects that control life in most ecosystems. Ants are important part in food chains as they control other insect populations(predators), remove dead insects (scavengers), feed on plant materials (ei. leaf cutters do not eat the plant material but rather feed fungi that in turn they feed on) herbivores. Also they have important mutualistic relationships with many other species such as plants (acacia-Azteca ant mutualism) and other insects (Some Butterfly larvae and some aphid species depend on ants for protection). Finally one of the most important, yet often under-looked service that ants perform is the constant aeration and recycling soil. In deserts, ants are the most important soil species, as without them, desert floors solidify and become infertile. Hope this helps

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Coral Reef Ecosystem All living things require energy to carry out life functions such as growth, movement, and reproduction. For nearly all ecosystems diverse collections of species that interact with each other and their physical environment the major source of energy is the sun. The flow of energy tends to follow the same basic pattern whether the ecosystem is a tropical rainforest or a coral reef. To portray the transfer of energy through an ecosystem, ecologists use simple models called food chains. Organisms can be organized into different trophic levels, or positions in a food chain; organisms at higher trophic levels feed on those at lower levels.

Organic Farming: Can It Feed Us? (Part 2) :VVH-TV News Special Organic Farming: Can It Feed Us? Part 2 Karl Grossman Chief Investigative Reporter examines Organic Farming on Eastern Long Island. What is organic farming? Organic farming can be defined as an approach to agriculture where the aim is to create integrated, humane, environmentally and economically sustainable agricultural production systems. Maximum reliance is placed on locally or farm-derived renewable resources and the management of self-regulating ecological and biological processes and interactions in order to provide acceptable levels of crop, livestock and human nutrition, protection from pests and diseases, and an appropriate return to the human and other resources employed. Reliance on external inputs, whether chemical or organic, is reduced as far as possible. In many European countries, organic agriculture is known as ecological agriculture, reflecting this reliance on ecosystem management rather than external inputs. The objective of sustainability lies at the heart of organic farming and is one of the major factors determining the acceptability or otherwise of specific production practices. The term 'sustainable' is used in its widest sense, to encompass not just conservation of non-renewable resources (soil, energy, minerals) but also issues of environmental, economic and social sustainability. The term 'organic' is best thought of as referring to the concept of the farm as an organism, in which all the component parts - the soil minerals ...