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Question:could you please give a site where i could find those 15 most famous biologists and their contributions. . . i just need the person and his contribution and a little description about him. I don't need a long information about the person. . .

Answers:google famous biologists You'll find more than enough of them.

Question:a. eduardo quisumbing-the father of phil. orchidology who pioneered in the study of phil. medicinal plants. he wrote the book 'medicinal plants of the philippines' &did remarkable researches on phil. bananas and pepper. b. carmen velasquez- identified numerous species of genera of parasitic worms in the phil. fishes, birds, and mammals c. gregorio velasquez-produced 45 basic researches and 70 articles on phil. algae d. emerita de guzman- recognized for her research on propagation of pure macapuno trees and tissue culture techniques for rapid propagation of abaca and banana. e. angel alcala- known for conservation of coral reefs, mangroves, aquaculture studies in giant clams, mollusks and fishes. f. ramon barba- known for mango flower induction tech. tissue culture of sugarcane, rattan, and banana and development of seedless calamansi. g. prescillano zamora- published articles on morphology and taxonomy of some crop plants, ferns, and gymnosperms. h. pedro escuro- gained international recognition for developing the dwarf high-yeilding c rice varieties. i. germiniano de ocampo- pioneered in eye research and was the 1st to perform corneal transplant in the phil. j. william padolina- former dost secretary who pioneered excellent researches in biotechnology and chemistry of natural products. k. jose vera santos- reasearched on the taxonomy & characteristics of phil. bamboo&grasses &named 40 species of phil. grasses. l. magdalena cantoria- researched inthe morphology and biochemistry of drug plants and the pharmacognsy of phil. mint and piper plants. m. ida dalmacio- made important research in the field of microbiology; she contributed to the sol'n of the aflatoxin problem that exists in the feed and food industries. n. luz oliveros belardo - had extracted 33 new essential oils from phil. plants to be used in producing medicines o. dioscoro umali- improved rice, abaca, corn, and other economic plants through plant breeding; formerly an undersecretary of agriculture p. quintin kintanar- has distinguished himself in the fields of pharmacology and environmental science and studied the mechanisms of lipoprotein biothesis. q. arcelia alejar- helped our local farmers through her important research on the responses of plants to environmental stress factors. r. clara lim-sylianco- has done resaerch work in the field of biochemistry. her studies now serve as asource of knowledge for the majority of chem. students in college. s. dr. julian banzon. studied local materials sucha s biomass, agro-industrial wastes, coconut(as a renewable source of chemical fuels) and sugarcane(as source of ethyl esters). 19 lng klang ng isah hehehehe

Answers:Im confused what's the question here ?

Question:I need to find a site or sites where there is a list of biologists, their contributions and info about them. Never mind the Filipino part if you can't find any but it would be better if you do... Hope you help me....

Answers:http://inventors.about.com/sitesearch.htm?terms=Filipino%20%20biologists&SUName=inventors&TopNode=99 or here's a list I am sure you can look them up http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_are_some_famous_Filipino_biologists_and_what_are_their_contributions_to_the_field_of_biology

Question:i just need to know 2 famous scientist that contributed to light ???'

Answers:Two good examples are Thomas Young and James Clerk Maxwell. Young was the first to demonstrate the wave behavior of light with a diffraction experiment. Maxwell completed the Classical theory of electromagnetism, and, in the course of doing so, discovered that what we know as visible light is really a kind of electromagnetic wave.

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the Contributions of Pythagoras :Pythagoras: a video lecture series researched and narrated by: Jon Gee for: the Pythagorean Order of Death part 2: "the Contributions of Pythagoras" This fast-paced crash-course in the entirety of "esoteric teachings" about Pythagoras explains the true origins for the exoteric beliefs about Pythagoras' famous theorem and his belief that "all is number" and reveals the entire structure and complete teachings of Pythagoras' cult in Croton, Italy. find out more here: www.scribd.com

Muslim contribution to Mathematics :The 7th to the 13th century was the golden age of Muslim learning. In mathematics they contributed and invented the present arithmetical decimal system and the fundamental operations connected with it addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, and extracting the root. They also introduced the 'zero' concept to the world. Some of the famous mathematicians of Islam are: AL-KHOWARIZMI (780 - 850 CE) Muhammad Ibn Musa Al-Khowarizmi, the father of algebra, was a mathematician and astronomer. He was summoned to Baghdad by Al-Mamun and appointed court astronomer. From the title of his work, Hisab Al-Jabr wal Mugabalah (Book of Calculations, Restoration and Reduction), Algebra (Al-Jabr) derived its name. A Latin translation of a Muslim arithmetic text was discovered in 1857 CE at the University of Cambridge library. Entitled 'Algoritimi de Numero Indorum', the work opens with the words: 'Spoken has Algoritimi. Let us give deserved praise to God, our Leader and Defender'. It is believed that this is a copy of Al-Khowarizmi's arithmetic text which was translated into Latin in the twelfth century by an English scholar. Al-Khowarizmi left his name to the history of mathematics in the form of Algorism (the old name for arithmetic). Al-Khowarizmi emphasised that he wrote his algebra book to serve the practical needs of the people concerning matters of inheritance, legacies, partition, lawsuits and commerce. In the twelfth century Gerard of Cremona and Roberts of ...