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Question:a have a science project And i have to do a song or rap about buoyancy and density. I really need help. Just a couple of lines or a whole song will be appreciated. please help!!! and answer quickly!!! the more rhymes and longer song will win an easy 10 points! thanks!!!

Answers:Longer doesn't mean better... remember that. I think you can come up with a good song if you talk about Buoyancy and Density as two friends who just can't get along... Some things they say to each other "Buoy!" (pronounced "boi") "You're dense!" (to density) I strongly suggest going with a rhythm they all know, like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

Question:We need to do a science project and lab about buoyancy or viscosity. My science teacher told us to look online but I cant really find anything good. Help please! & links would be nice too (a)

Answers:Read and think know the meaning of both words get different fluids, water is easy, honey, liquid soap, motor oil try stuff, have fun clean up the mess afterward make a careful record of what you do, what you expect to happen, and what did happen that is why they call it YOUR PROJECT

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Question:Is it true about mountains that they balance the forces of gravity and buoyancy? Because they have deep crustal roots fixed in mantle. Do they balance the earth's crust in this way? I am not talking about earthquakes.

Answers:Tall mountains have deep roots. This is the Principle of Isostacy. Since mountains have thicker crust, they "float" on the mantle somewhat like an iceberg floats in the ocean. Since the mountains are not moving they are at equilibrium, which means the downward forces are equal (and opposite) to the upward forces. When crust thickens the underlying mantle is displaced. This is due to the plastic nature of the mantle, which is a solid that is able to flow in response to the placement of mountains. I could go into the mathematics of isostacy but I won't.

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BUOYANCY :It's done :'D My summer MMV for 2010. I'm so happy I got this done, and so quickly too. Last year it took me from July to November. Not so summery, eh? I had been thinking about ideas for a summer MMV since early 2010, but I never really came up with anything, until I re-read Children of the Sea. Then, as people like Stripeh and members of EIS know, I went on a rampage looking for a good summery song. Then I remembered Tarzan CB I'm so happy to have been able to work with Children of the Sea ;n; I was scared that I wouldn't be able to find scans of it, since it isn't exactly mainstream, but I found a download for the entire volume 1. It was so fun to work with this series. While some people may argue about the art style, you can't deny that Daisuke Igarashi is a master of underwater art. I stare at these books for hours :'D So darn pretty. The video basically follows the storyline of volume 1. (Not only is it impossible to find scans of volumes 2 & 3, but I hadn't read them until yesterday) The beginning of the video is just explaining how Ruka came to meet Umi, which begins the real story. I'm sad that I didn't get to include much of Sora in there, but he only really appears halfway through volume 1, and doesn't really show up much :c I also dedicate this to Stripeh for three reasons. 1. She beta tested this for me. 2. Her birthday video is taking far too long, especially since it's only about a minute long OTL -fail- 3. I flat out love her. I hope you all enjoy~ c': And ...

About Buoyancy Now :Our awesome music vid. made in Mr. Pearson's 8th grade class.....on buoyancy! Katy and Hana are da bomb at singing! Yea!!!