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Question:what are all the number facts in this fact family?

Answers:13 13-9 = 4

Question:I have a homework assignment that is due tomorrow and i forgot what a fact family is.

Answers:A fact family is a group of numbers usually an even amount that can be added,subtracted,multiplied, or divided to get another number in the fact family. such as 14/2=7, 14/7=2, 2x7=14, 7x2=14

Question:You have 6 numbers (12, 4, 8 - 9, 6, 10) There are 8 problems. Ex: ____ + _____ = ______ (4 of the problems are addition & 4 of the problems are subtraction). The instructions state : Name the fact family for each problem.

Answers:Fact families are facts that are related such as 6+4=10, 4+6=10, 10-6=4, and 10-4=6. That's one fact family.


Answers:Like addition undoes substraction, multiplication undoes division. In Logarithms, when you are multiplying variables that are logged by the same base, you can add the log base variable the number of times you are multiplying and you will get the same answer. Same thing with substraction and division. Thats the relationship.

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MC14 0A Math Facts Introduction, Add Sub :What is a Fact Family? As in our families, members are related; the numbers 2, 3, 5 and facts are related. In mathematics they are a fact family that can be arranged in four ways. (a) 2 + ? = 5, (b) ? + 2 = 5, (c) 5 2 = ?, (d)5 ? = 2