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explain three rules for exponents

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Question:Like when do u add exponents distribute and multiply ect. It would be nice to give a example. tommorrow i have a midterm and i need help!

Answers:There are only three rules If you're multiplying, add them If you're dividing, subtract them If you have a power to another power, multiply them Remember that and good luck with your test :-) (After edit) How to remember? A multiply sign is like an add sign turned a bit. A divide sign has a dash in it like a minus. The other one you just need to multiply You'll remember that if you remember the first two :-) Examples 2^4 x 2^3 = 2^7 because 4 + 3 = 7 2^6 / 2^4 = 2^2 because 6 - 4 = 2 (2^4)^5 = 2^20 because 4 * 5 = 20

Question:Explain three rules for exponents , do not explain the exponent of 1 or 0. Create an expression for that uses scientific notation and at least one of the rules for exponents you have described.

Answers:Three rules: 1. If the bases of the exponential expressions that are multiplied are the same, then you can combine them into one expression by adding the exponents. 2. If the bases of the exponential expressions that are divided are the same, then you can combine them into one expression by subtracting the exponents. 3. When you have an exponential expression raised to a power, you have to multiply the two exponents. Scientific notation problem: 10 x 1.2^8

Question:what is x(squared) * x(squared) * x? i've tried it a couple times & have gotten x to the fourth power. my teacher said that was incorrect & another time, i got x to the fifth. what is the correct answer? please explain it.

Answers:X^5 when you multiply the same variables with different exponents, you just add them.

Question:Use the rules for exponents to simplify the following. No negative exponents in the answer a. (-3x ) (3x ) (thats a three exponent) b. (-2x- ) (thats a four exponent)

Answers:Ok, we lets simply the outer two exponents first (9x^4)(27x^0) This gives us 9*27*x^(4+0) = 243x^4 For the second, we get 16x^-4 = 16/x^4 How do you do this? You expand the enter and you multiply the exponents of exponents and you add when exponents are added together. Another way to look at this (-3x^2)^2(3x^0)3 is (-3^2x^(2*2)) * (3^3x^(0*4))

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MATHMAN: Three Exponent Mistakes :Using Bluescreen and FX technology, here is an explaination of the three most popular mistakes math students make when dealing with exponents. Mistakes in adding and mistakes in multiplication, with the correct procedure fully described and explained in each instance.

Power Rules - Working With Exponents :John Zimmerman, www.algebratesthelper.com explains how to work with algebra terms that have powers and variables