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explain how to divide decimals

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Question:explain how knowing that 5 divided by 8 = 0.625 helps you find the decimal for 4 5/8?

Answers:if you know the value of 5/8, then the value of four and five eighths is just 4 plus your answer for 5/8

Question:please help me!

Answers:If 5 divided by 8 equals .625, then 4 5/8 would be 4.625. Tard.

Question:and also in your own words explain how to multiply decimals.? and in your own words explain how to divide decimals?

Answers:You add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals just like you do any other number. The trick is in getting the decimal place in the answer in the correct place. In adding and subtracting, just line up the decimals and DO IT. In multiplying, just count how many decimal places there are in the two numbers; add those two counts together and move the decimal to the left THAT many places. In dividing, make sure that you have the same number of places to the right in both the numerator and the denominator and then you can essentially ignore the decimal (e.g., 0.25 divided by 0.1 should be 0.25 / 0.10, which is the same as 25 / 10 or 2.5)

Question:I know how to add, subtract and multiply them. But when we have quiz I got a low score. Please answer the example and explain it below: 28.92 divided by 100 = ? and many many of them. If you want more e-mail me. please no stupid and nonsense answers

Answers:If you are dividing by 100, move the decimal point two places to the left. (the number of zeros). Multiply by 1000 - three places to the right etc. Always move the decimal point the same as the number of zeros, left for division, right for multiplication. so for above 28.92 it becomes 0.2892

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Dividing Decimals Tutorial :This brief tutorial explains how to divide decimal numbers, created by two students from MBIS in Term Four 2008.

dividing decimals :this video shows you a method for dividing decimals and also how to divide whole numbers that don't go exact note that not all decimals go exact so if they don't just add zeros on after decimal point as shwon with the whole number examples and keep going until you have no remainder or you get a pattern that keeps repeating then that is a recurring decimal note also if it is 3 or 4 numbers repating put a dot above the first and last one in the pattern