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Iris (color)

Iris is an ambiguous color term, usually referring to shades ranging from blue-violet to violet.

However, in certain applications, it has been applied to an even wider array of colors, including pale blue, mauve, pink, and even yellow (the color of the inner part of the iris flower).

The name is derived from the iris flower, which comes in a broad spectrum of colors.

The first recorded use of iris as a color name in English was in the year 1916.

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Question:My story is about 5 kingdoms that end up going to war... The princess of one of the "good" nations is forced to run away. (I won't go into total detail about the plot) But the story is really different... It's a little bit like Avatar, The Last Airbender. The princess's name is Arialei (pronounced A-ree-a-lay) but she ends up going by Aria. I need some cool names like Arialei for both guys and girls please!

Answers:GIRLS: Adalgisa - means 'noble, precious, promise' Astra - 'Star' Callypso - means 'she who hides' Charmion - 'little and womanly' Hera - 'queen' Lysandra - means 'defender'. Leiselotte - means 'God's promise' and 'little and womanly'. Liora - means 'Gods gift of light to me'. Lewana or Levana - 'Shining white one' Lakshi - 'Good omen'. Lakshi is also a goddess of beauty and prosperity. Mystique - 'air of mystery' Nyree - not sure what it means, Maori origin. Nyx - 'night' Petra - 'rock' Pheonix - 'Dark red'. Also, the bird who rose from the ashes. Quiana - 'silky' Ria - 'flowing' Shakeela - 'Beautiful' Sharise - 'grace' Sibyl - 'prophetess' Silver - 'silver' Tamsin - 'twin' Toshie - 'mirror reflection' Zipporah - 'bird' BOYS: Chico - 'lad, boy' Lebrun - 'brown haired' Benjiro - 'enjoy peace' Wycliffe - 'white cliff' Orpheous - 'beautiful voice' Marlow - driftwood Arvad - 'exile, voyager'

Question:I recently read a mathematical analysis of how an "exotic," negative-mass object might behave. My attention was caught by a portion involving interaction between a "normal" object and an exotic one. According to Newton's law of universal gravitation, the pull between two bodies is proportional to the product of their masses, as well as distance. In the situation above, the product would be negative, creating a repulsive force. However, it becomes more complicated. The normal object would, of course, accelerate away; the exotic one, on the other hand, does not. In terms of Newton's second law, a negative mass "m" would respond to positive force "F" with negative acceleration "a," and to negative "F" with positive "a." Thus, the exotic object would actually accelerate TOWARD the gravitational repulsion. Furthermore, if the two objects are undisturbed and equally balanced, they could increase continuously in speed without violating conservation of motion (because the total momentum of the system is zero). - - - - - - - - - - - - That's the information I'm basing my questions on. First of all, does it seem to be correct? Is there any evidence against the possibility of negative masses, within the scope of those equations? Is there any conceptual problem with negative matter? I can make some sense of it by interpreting mass as an aspect of force, similar to positive and negative charge; in the famous rubber sheet analogy, negative gravitation forms a peak instead of a funnel, and negative objects roll uphill instead of down (when the negative inertia is ignored). In this sense, energy is still a one-way quantity; "E=mc^2" would become "E=(absolute value of m)c^2," so that exotic matter still has energy. A photon would be considered to have a "neutral" mass. Is my reasoning solid? Might a zero-mass system like the one above act like a zero-mass particle? The effects in question are traveling at "c" and experiencing zero time passage due to special relativity. (Assume that such a system could include equipment or passengers, allowing those values to be measured. A photon is too simple to tell the difference.) What might result from a collision between normal and exotic matter? Annihilation into a photon, antimatter-esque? Unusual impacts/forces resulting from Newton's laws of motion, calculated with "m" values? Or could they be unable to interact through collision, only through gravitation? If the last is assumed, could dark energy be a candidate for exotic matter? This would resolve an issue with the "mass as force aspect" idea - namely, by giving the universe a net mass of zero, as has been observed with other two-way properties such as charge. ~A curious mind P.S.: I apologize for the massive list, but asking about all of these separately would be several times longer. And, for those of you whom I know will do this... don't just say "negative mass hasn't been proven to exist, so we can't predict its properties." I am well aware of that fact; I'm not asking for a scientific theory, and I don't need experimental backup. This is all speculative, so please treat it as such.

Answers:just addressing the first paragraphs ... Newtons's laws are not intended to be used for negative matter. possibly the form of F = ma for negative matter is F = |m|a, using the absolute value or magnitude of m. Or it could be F = ma. Don't know until we have some negative matter to play with. But the objects accelerating continuously with no input of energy violates several laws of thermodynamics. .

Question:Colours : what do they mean to you ? ( see below )? What do COLOURS mean to you ? ( see added details )? Colour Theory As part of my Project I am trying to find out what certain colours mean to people and how they make you feel. There are no right or wrong answers. Thank you in advance for taking the till to fill out my questionnaire PLEASE COPY AND PASTE AND FORWARD TO ME VIA EMAIL ( IF POSSIBLE ) Name : Sex: Age : Location : 1. What does RED mean to you ? How does it make you feel ? 2.What does BLUE mean to you ? How does it make you feel ? 3.What does YELLOW mean to you ? 4.How does it make you feel ? 5.What does GREEN mean to you ? How does it make you feel ? 6. What is your favourite colour ? 7. Why is the above your favourite colour/s ? 8. How does it make you feel ? 9. What does it remind you off ? 10. Opitional Question : Please feel free to share your views in regards to colours / Colour theory Or ANY ELSE WHICH RELATES TO COLOUR i

Answers:Good luck. Why do you need names? shouldn't a questionnaire be anonymous?

Question:I need something like this for my work, I run a online retail fabric store and I need to be able to describe the fabrics with common color names. I can't seem to find anything thats of any real use to me; either the chart has tons of different hues but gives them numbers instead of names, or it gives bizarre color names that are only good for identifying particular shades of a particular companys paint. I need something that has the most common, most obvious names for lots of colors. Someone please HELP ME!!!!

Answers:This may sound grade-schoolish, but why don't you look at crayons? They are pretty basic in naming their colors (primary, secondary, tertiary) and I bet that a lot of people would know what you are talking about when you use those names. You can visit: http://www.crayola.com

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