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excel percentage difference formula

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Question:Can anyone please tell me what the formula is to add a percentage to a number in excel eg: $4000 + 67% = x

Answers:its easy you have to type in the fx column =4000+4000*67/100 or =4000+4000*.67 which will give u the answer to put the $ mark go to formal cell on the menu bar and change it co currency

Question:What s the formula to add a percentage to a number? For example: I have 500,000 I want to add 5% to it to give me 525,000

Answers:If your number is in A1 for instance and you want this answer in B1 just type in B1: =A1*1.05 You can use any percentage increase this way.

Question:how do I add 15% to several ranges of cells?

Answers:Hi, I don't know how your sheet is set up so, I can only use an example: Assuming cell A1 is what you're adding the 15% to then formula to add 15% is: =A1+(A1/100*15) You should really spend some time with the help files (F1) as they cover this basic trick quite extensively. RTFM!

Question:I need to add 10% to $650 - I know how to work it out on a calculator and in my head but I want to add the formula to my spreadsheet so I can use the same format for the column... Easy? For some maybe! I ALWAYS seem to get stuck with percentage questions in excel - the brain just doesn't compute!

Answers:If $650.00 is in cell b3 and you want cell c3 to show b3 + 10% in C3 enter....=B3*1.1

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HOW TO CALCULATE and ADD RUNNING PERCENTAGE formula IN EXCEL :The same way u can Subtract just put (-) sign to subtract. - SIGN to subtract +SIGN to add * MULTIPLY / DIVIDE SOME FORMULAS: =sum(B4:B16)-sum(B19:B25) This formula will add up the contents of cells B4 to B16. It will also add up the contents of cells B19 to B25 as a separate calculation and then subtract the answer it got from adding up cells B19 to B25 from the answer it got from adding up the contents of cells B4 to B16. =sum(B3:B6)*75% This formula will add up the contents of cells B3 to B6 and then multiply the resulting sum by 75%. =sum(B2:B18)-B20 This formula will add up the contents of cells B2 to B18 and then subtract the value of B20 from its answer =(B3*2.5%)+B3 This formula will calculate 2.5% of the value of cell B3 and then add that calculation to the original amount in B3.

Excel Magic Trick # 267: Percentage Change Formula & Chart :Learn about the universal formula for Percentage Change: (End Value)/Beg Value) 1 = Percentage Change. The see how to create and format a chart with two data series and two chart types in one chart: Line Chart and Column Chart.