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examples on less than ogive

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Answers:< ogive is the graph/curve of the less than cumulative frequency distribution which shows the number of observations LESS THAN the upper class boundary/class limit. > ogive, on the other hand, is the graph/curve of the greater than cumulative frequency distribution which shows the number of observations GREATER THAN the lower class boundary/class limit.

Question:Please answer... ^__^ Thank Yah! .. Cx

Answers:1-slice of italian bread 2-Rye wafer crackers 3-Melba toast 4-Matzo 5-Rice cakes 6-Wheat flakes 7-Yogurt cheese 8-The white part of an egg 9-Evaporated skim milk 10-Skim Milk 11-Plain, nonfat yogurt 12-Angel food cake 13-Gingersnap 14-Vanilla wafer 15-Fig bar 16- Fruit-flavored frozen yogurt 17- Gelatin 18- Grapes 19- Dried prunes 20- Turkey breast, no skin, roasted 21-Grapefruit 22- Chestnuts, roasted 23-Mung, sprouted 24- Lentils, boiled 25-Whole-wheat macaroni, cooked I have a lot more, but you said 25 :)


Answers:The real definition for an acute angle is when the absolute value of the angle is between 0 and 90. Acute angle examples can include: 60 degrees 50 degrees -50 degrees -60 degrees as long as it isn't past 90 or -90 the following are NOT -100 degrees 100 degrees -120 degrees 120 degrees it is important to remember than the sign on the angle only represents direction, not magnitude of the angle

Question:Can you please explain these properties; Associative, Commutative, Distributive, and Transitive? If you can please give examples of each and help me understand the terms. Thanks!

Answers:An operation such as +,* is: associative if (a+b)+c=a+(b+c) (so + and * are associative) commutative if (a+b)=(b+a) With reference to algebra, we say that * distributes over + since a*(b+c)=a*b+a*c A relation (such as =,<,>) is transitive if a

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Less Than Eats Greater Than :This video shows you a trick for placing the correct number on the correct side of the Less Than and Greater Than symbols. For part 2 of this video, including examples 3 and 4, as well as many more instructional Math videos and exercise and answer sheets, go to: freemathtutoring.googlepages.com

A-level Statistics: Normal Distribution P(X less than x) :We show you through an example how to work out probabilities from a normal distribution. A battery has a lifetime which is normally distributed with a mean of 62 hours and a standard deviation of 3 hours. What is the probability of a battery lasting less than 68 hours?