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Examples of Uniform and Non Uniform Motion

Motion is anybody or thing moving. May it moving in any direction, any speed, if the body is moving it is in motion. Now there can be many types of motion. Broadly we can classify them into two categories They are –

1.  Uniform motion
2.  Non Uniform motion

Before we dive in to examples of uniform and non-uniform motion let us first understand both the types of motion and the major difference between them This will help us identify the actual distinctions and indeed help in identifying the exact one.

If a body is moving in uniform motion the following conditions should be met –

a. The body should be moving equal distances in equal interval of times. For example if my car travels 20 km in 30 minutes then in the next 30 minutes also it should cover only 20 kms.

b. The body should not be experiencing any acceleration. So let us first define what speed is. Speed is the distance divided by time covered by any moving object. Now if speed = D  / T where D is distance covered and T is time taken then Speed will be constant in  uniform motion.

So Speed = D / T = K  (Constant)

Now Velocity is speed in a particular direction (being a vector quantity). Hence V = Speed with direction = K so dV / dT = 0 (differentiating both the sides. Differentiation of a constant is zero. Acceleration is change in velocity per unit time. So A = dV / dT = 0 in case of uniform motion.

c. Now when we say that Acceleration is zero so the body should not be changing directions. If it does it is not uniform motion.

If a body is moving in non-uniform motion then the distances travelled will be different in equal interval of time. My car will be driving 20 kms in first 30 minutes but will be driving 40 kms in the next 30 minutes. Hence acceleration here will not be zero. The car will change speed. The car may change direction. The car will have a different velocity which is not constant. The car will hence accelerate.

Let us take a few more examples of uniform and non-uniform motion.
  1. A horse running in a race may be an example of non-uniform motion.
  2. The merry go round is also non uniform motion.
  3. My Ferrari moving with a constant or same speed on a straight road without changing direction will be uniform motion.
  4. The aircraft moving is non-uniform motion if it is moving with different speed.
  5. Another example could be a car in a drag race, covering equal distances and that too with equal intervals of time.
  6. Dragging a box on a straight path is uniform motion, given it is dragged at a constant speed. If the speed varies during the drag then it will be non-uniform motion.

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Non-uniform circular motion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Some examples of non-uniform circular motion include a roller coaster, a vertical pendulum, .... This page was last modified on 5 November 2010 at 05:57. ...

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Question:Our physics teacher drew a velocity-time graph showing a slanted ,straight line from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. This obviously means that it is uniform acceleration, and non-uniform motion , because in acceleration , the body is covering unequal distances in equal time intervals. But the teacher labeled it as a 'velocity-time for uniform motion when the object starts from rest' When i contradicted , he refused. Please help me.

Answers:uniform motion is not necisarily motion atthe same speed. uniform motion is where there is some regularity in the motion. an equal and exponential increase in velocity, is considered uniform motion.

Question:the concept is from physics, reveal the truth and misconception related to it

Answers:The movement may be sustaining a constant speed, but the body receives a constant acceleration: the centripetal force. If this force is of constant amplitude, it however changes constantly in direction!

Question:Q 1.a body moving with constant speed has uniform motion while a freely falling object has non uniform motion. why? Q 2.can a body have acceleration while at rest? give eg. Q 3. what type of motion is associated with a pendulum? Q 4. what does the rate of change of angular velocity refer to? Q 5. a boy after going around a circular track of radius 'r' comes back to the starting point. a)what is the displacement of the body? b)what is the total distance covered by him?

Answers:Q1. Uniform motion definition (my guess): Same distance covered every second, which also means a constant velocity. Free fall has an increasing velocity every second. Q2. Yes. You are accelerating right now while reading this. Gravity is causing you to ALWAYS accelerate while on earth. Q3. Simple harmonic motion Q4. Angular acceleration Q5. The displacement is 0 (starting position minus ending position).The distance covered is 2*pi*r (circumference)

Question:hi folks! need sample problems with sol'n about uniformly accelerated motion with 2 object as given. tnx

Answers:consult a physics book.. they have a lot of problems there. =D

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Introduction: Uniform Circular Motion :This is an introduction to uniform circular motion.

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