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examples of the three classes of levers

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Question:I'm doing my physics assignment and it asks me to state what class of lever a ballista is. I know a trebuchet is class one and a mangonel is class three but I have no idea what class a ballista is. I have tried googling it but i can't find anything. Any answers or links would be really helpful!! thanks!

Answers:fulcrum is in the middle, so first class

Question:I need one example of a class one lever and one of a class two. Do you have any ideas?

Answers:First-class levers: Seesaw (also known as a teeter-totter) Bicycle hand brakes Hammer Claw , when pulling a nail with the hammer's claw Second-class levers: Nutcracker Wheelbarrow Wrench Diving Board (spring board) Third-class levers: Baseball bat Boat paddle Stapler Hope this helps!

Question:Can anybody give me 3 examples of the 3 types of levers? (First class, second class, and third class) 3 examples per class thanks! also, can u tell where fulcrum, resistance and force is for each one

Answers:First-class levers: Seesaw Crowbar Scissors Second-class levers: Wheelbarrow Wrench Bottle opener Third-class levers: Mousetrap Nail clippers Tweezers

Question:I need to come up with one for school but my mind is totally blank. It needs to be something that I could find easily in my home or community. Please exclude: WHEELBARROW, PLIERS, CLAW END OF A HAMMER. I have to calculate the mechanical advantage which is easier than coming up with an example!

Answers:First-class lever examples: Seesaw (also known as a teeter-totter) Crowbar or claw hammer (removing nails) Spud bar (moving heavy objects) Pliers (double lever) Scissors (double lever) Wheel and axle because the wheel's motions follows the fulcrum, load arm, and effort arm principle Trebuchet an upside down example of the above picture Oars, when used for rowing, steering, or sculling Can opener and bottle opener Bicycle hand brakes Hand trucks are L-shaped but works on the same principle on the wheel as a fulcrum Hammer when pulling a nail with the hammer's claw Tweezers that are shaped like scissors work as double levers Shoehorn Second class lever examples: Wheelbarrow Nutcracker Door Crowbar Stapler Diving board Wrench Dental Elevator Can Opener Third class lever examples: Human arm Tweezers Slings, trebuchets, and fishing rods (also spoons, when used for flinging food. This uses your index finger as the fulcrum, your thumb as the effort, and the load is the food.) Any number of tools, such as a hoe or scythe The main body of a pair of nail clippers, in which the handle exerts the incoming force baseball bat shovel broom staple remover golf club hockey stick The Human Mandible See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lever for info on each class.

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Three Classes of Levers :demonstrations.wolfram.com The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualizations, with new entries added daily. The lever is a simple machine that provides mechanical advantage to magnify the force necessary to overcome a resistance. Levers were known to the ancient Greeks, having been described by Archimedes in the Third Century BCE. Three classes of lever diffe... Contributed by: SM Blinder

Sheep Ahoy (Class 1 Lever) :Great example of Class 1 Lever.