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examples of the six kingdoms

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Question:Does anyone knows... 3 examples of organisms belonging to the K Archaebacteria 5 examples of organisms belonging to the K Eubacteria 5 examples of organisms belonging to the K Fungi 5 examples of organisms belonging to the K Protista Please help me with this, i need it for my project. Thanks in advance :]]..

Answers:There are three phyla, or groups, of archaebacteria: The methanogens, halophiles and thermoacidophiles. Eubacteria - blue-green algae, E.coli, salmonella, Firmicutes, Porphyromonas Fungi - Chytridiomycota, Blastocladiomycota, Neocallimastigomycota, Zygomycota, Glomeromycota Protista - Euglena, Amoeba, Paramecium, Toxoplasma, Ulva

Question:Hi, I'm in 5th grade. I have to list the six kingdoms and then give the genus and species of seven examples for each of the six kingdoms. I have done the Animal, Plant, Fungi, and Protist kingdoms. I need help, please, for the Eubacteria and Archaebacteria kingdoms. Thanks.

Answers:i m surprised. in which school or country do you study? anyway the answers: eubacteria: trichodesmium erythrium archaebacteria:hydrogenomonas( methanogens) i cant remember the species in this genus.

Question:6 Kingdoms:(Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protista, Archaea, and Eubacteria)

Answers:Animalia:phylum porifera,cnideria,platyhelminthes,nematoda,annelida, and mollusca examples: hookworms,tapeworms, planarians,liver fluke,earthworms. Plantae:phylum bryophyta,hepaticophyta,anthcerophyta,lycophyta,and arthrophyta examples:club moss, quillwort,Boston fern, tree fern Fungi:phylum, zygomycota,ascomycota,basidiomycota and deuteromycota examples: penicillium,shelf fungi, puffballs, and mushrooms. Protista: Phylum Ciliophora,zoomastigina,sporozoa,sarcodina, and chrysophyta, also, chlorophyta and phaeophyta ( there are ALOT) Examples:Navicula,amoeba,paramecium Archaea:(sorry don't know this one) Examples: methanogens,thermoacidophilic bacteria, and salt-loving bacteria Eubacteria: (sorry don't know this one either) examples: blue-green bacteria,chemoautotrophs,prochlorobacteria, rickettsiae ------------------------------ Hope I helped a bit :D

Question:Brain Pop: 5 Kingdoms Movie Data Collection Sheet What are the names of the six kingdoms? Why are living things classified into different kingdoms? What is a kingdom? What are the two bacteria kingdoms called? Why are they separated from the other kingdoms? Describe Eubacteria Describe the Archaebacteria How are protists the same as bacteria? How are protists different than the bacteria? How do the protists obtain food? What is an amoeba? How does the amoeba reproduce? What is one example of a fungus? Why are fungi not considered plants? How do fungi obtain food? What is the function of the hyphae? What is the plant kingdom made up of? Give some examples of plants What are the walls of plants made of? What are the characteristics of an animal? How are animal cells different than plant cells? Name four living things that are animals. What is the main difference between plant and animal cells?

Answers:Did you like copy and paste this? any way to answer your question: The kingdoms are Eubacteria Achebateria Protista Fungi Plantea Animalia I am sure you can find the rest yourself.

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The Six Kingdoms :My Biology Project

The Six Kingdoms :This is a video project I made for science class.