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examples of terrestrial food chains

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Question:I need 5 examples of 4 trophic level terrestrial food chains and also 5 examples of 4 trophic level aquatic food chains. please help!!

Answers:http://www.ciese.org/curriculum/oceansproj/cycle.html Scroll all the way to the bottom. It has one of each chain that can be enlarged.

Question:Can someone give me an example of a three member food chain for a pond habitat? Including a plant and maybe a raccoon. Thanks.

Answers:plant water bug, frog, fish, turtle. raccoon

Question:can someone give me a realistic food chain with about 5 organisms and can you tell me if each organism is an autotroph or heterotroph? and can you give me an example of a realistic human disruption in it?

Answers:Simple food chain: Worm, Fish, Human... back to worm Disruption: Embalming makes the human corpse inedible for the worm.

Question:can you please give me some examples...four animals per chain, i just can't think of any

Answers:Eagle -> Small bird -> cricket -> ant. (crickets will even eat other crickets so you can repeat cricket here). Bats-> Frogs-> grasshopper -> ant Spiders -> small bird-> spider -> grasshopper Killer Whale -> Seals -> big fish -> small fish shark (large) -> killer whale (small or weak) -> Blue Whale -> plankton Food web consits of many food chains - it protects the food chain - so if seals go extinct Killer whales still have other foods to eat otherwise many species would go extinct when 1 went extinct.

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Rainforest Food Chain :This video shows the food chain of a rainforest (science) at a fourth grade level. It breaks down each layer, names them and shows examples. At the end of the video there is a short quiz over the information covered.