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Homogeneous (chemistry)

A substance that is uniform in composition is a definition of homogeneous (IPA: /həmɔ�dʒɪnʌs, ho�modʒi�niʌs/) in Chemistry. This is in contrast to a substance that is heterogeneous. The definition of homogeneous strongly depends on the context used. In Chemistry, a homogeneous suspension of material means that when dividing the volume in half, the same amount of material is suspended in both halves of the substance. However, it might be possible to see the particles under a microscope. In Chemistry, another homogeneous substance is air. It is equally suspended, and the particles and gases and liquids cannot be analyzed separately or pulled apart.

Homogeneity of mixtures

In Chemistry, some mixtures are homogeneous. In other words, mixtures have the same proportions throughout a given sample or multiple samples of different proportion to create a consistent mixture. However, two homogeneous mixtures of the same pair of substances may differ widely from each other and can be homogenized to make a constant. Mixtures can be characterized by being separable by mechanical means e.g. heat, filtration, gravitational sorting, etc.


A solution is a special type of homogeneous mixture. Solutions are homogeneous because, the ratio of solute to solvent remains the same throughout the solution even if homogenized with multiple sources, and stable because, the solute will not settle out, no matter how long the solution sits, and it cannot be removed by a filter or a centrifuge. This type of mixture is very stable, i.e., its particles do not settle, or separate. As homogeneous mixture, a solution has one phase (liquid) although the solute and solvent can vary: for example, salt water. In chemistry, a mixture is a substance containing two or more elements or compounds that are not chemically bound to each other but retain their own chemical and physical identities; - a substance which has two or more constituent chemical substances. Mixtures, in the broader sense, are two or more substances physically in the same place, but these are not chemically combined, and therefore ratios are not necessarily considered.

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Question:Describe each, base on particle size. Please give examples. 10 points for best answer P.S. open till 3 hours, it is my assigned work

Answers:A solution is a homogeneous mixture composed of two or more substances. In such a mixture, a solute is dissolved in another substance, known as a solvent. A common example is a solid, such as salt or sugar, dissolved in water, a liquid. Gases may dissolve in liquids, for example, carbon dioxide or oxygen in water. Liquids may dissolve in other liquids. A suspension is a heterogenous fluid containing solid particles that are sufficiently large for sedimentation. An example of a suspension would be sand in water. Unlike colloids, suspensions will eventually settle. A colloid is a type of mechanical mixture where one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colloids#Classification_of_colloids

Question:Okay, I have a test in chemistry this Wednesday and I'm SUPER confused about all of these terms. Can someone PLEASE help me??

Answers:Solid, liquid, and gas are three phases of matter, determined by temperature and pressure. When a substance is solid it is locked into a specific form. This is the coldest form; heat is just a measurement of how much the atoms 'wiggle', and they are wiggling so little that they stay in a set pattern. As the atoms wiggle a little bit more they get enough energy to break free, but they are still somewhat attracted to one another, so they roll all over each other, and you get a liquid. As they get even more energy and move faster and faster they overcome that force of attraction and are moving so fast that they can't 'grab on' as they pass one another, and you get a gas. Pressure plays into it too. For example, water expands when it freezes, so if it is under a lot of pressure it won't freeze even if it's cold enough, because the pressure keeps it squished into liquid form. This is why there are some lakes miles under the ice in Antarctica; the water is below freezing, but the weight of the ice sheet stops it from freezing and expanding. Homogeneous and heterogeneous refer to mixtures. A mixture is a bunch of stuff which exists all mixed together but which doesn't combine chemically. A Homogeneous mixture is uniform; that is, the same all throughout. You won't see layers in this, everything is evenly spread out. Heterogeneous mixtures have more than one phase. There are further subdivisions. A colloid looks homogeneous, but, microscopically, it is heterogeneous. Milk is an example of a colloid. The particles which are dispersed in a colloid are very small (between one nanometer and one micrometer). In milk, these dispersed particles are little globs of fat which have been emulsified. Heterogeneous mixtures with particles larger than 1 micrometer are called suspensions. These particles are big enough to fall out all on their own; this is called sedimentation. An example would be flour mixed with water; the flour will all gather at the bottom if you let it sit long enough. Homogeneous mixtures with a solvent and a solute is called a solution. The solutes are particles smaller than one nanometer, and the solvent is the continuous medium (usually a liquid) which surrounds them, dissolving them. Salt water is an example of a solution. There are many different types of these (A colloid of a liquid dispersed in air is an aerosol, a suspension of a gas dispersed in a solid is a foam, etc.), but that's the basic gist of it.

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Question:Colloids, Suspensions, and Solutions? What are they? Examples would be nice.

Answers:colloid- a type of mechanical mixture in which extreamly small particles are evenly and stably distributes in on or more others (e.g., whipped cream is a colloid of cream particles in the air) - so basically it is a soluble solid +liquid suspension-a mechanical mixture consisting if liquid or gas with small particles that are distributed through it, but that separate out if the suspension is left undisturbed -so basically a solid+liquid solution-a homogeneous mixture of 2 or more pure substances (e.g., vinegar, because only 1 form is visible, it is uniformed throughout)

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Chemistry :I made this video to get extra credit for my Organic Chemistry class. The purpose was to give a visible example of how acids and bases work (basics). Enjoy. ^^ I do not own or claim the songs used on my page. Feel free to rate/comment/or subscribe...although my channel was meant for music, lol. PS There were a lot more chemicals and procedures into making this experiment a success, but i was limited on time. Feel free to add anything you think i might have not covered and should be explained to the public more clearly. = )

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