examples of solution suspension colloid

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Answers:Solution- sulphur in CS2 sugar syrup(liquid) sea water(liquid) air(gas) petroleum oil(liquid) vinegar(liquid) Colloidal-smoke(aerosol) milk of magnesia(sol) cheese(gel) sponge(foam) milk(emulsion) Suspension-sand in water chalk powder in water nimesulide suspension

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Answers:solutions are things in which the two things completely dissolve into eachother. The particles are all smaller than 10^-9 meters like sugar water, salty water, ect.. things like that. Heterogeneous mixtures include all colloids and suspensions Colloids are things like toothpaste, milk, some sodas, the particles are in between 10^-7 and 10^-9 meters in size. The main difference between this and suspension is that colloidal particles never settle to the bottom, they all travel in zigzag movements called brownian movement Suspensions are ones in which the particles are all larger than 10^-7 meters in diameter. The particles settle to the bottom, some examples are muddy water. Sandy water, the particles settle to the bottom eventually.

Question:Colloids, Suspensions, and Solutions? What are they? Examples would be nice.

Answers:colloid- a type of mechanical mixture in which extreamly small particles are evenly and stably distributes in on or more others (e.g., whipped cream is a colloid of cream particles in the air) - so basically it is a soluble solid +liquid suspension-a mechanical mixture consisting if liquid or gas with small particles that are distributed through it, but that separate out if the suspension is left undisturbed -so basically a solid+liquid solution-a homogeneous mixture of 2 or more pure substances (e.g., vinegar, because only 1 form is visible, it is uniformed throughout)

Question:Describe each, base on particle size. Please give examples. 10 points for best answer P.S. open till 3 hours, it is my assigned work

Answers:A solution is a homogeneous mixture composed of two or more substances. In such a mixture, a solute is dissolved in another substance, known as a solvent. A common example is a solid, such as salt or sugar, dissolved in water, a liquid. Gases may dissolve in liquids, for example, carbon dioxide or oxygen in water. Liquids may dissolve in other liquids. A suspension is a heterogenous fluid containing solid particles that are sufficiently large for sedimentation. An example of a suspension would be sand in water. Unlike colloids, suspensions will eventually settle. A colloid is a type of mechanical mixture where one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colloids#Classification_of_colloids

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