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Compound fruit

A compound fruit is one that develops from several ovaries in either a single flower or multiple flowers. In contrast, a simple fruit develops from one ovary.

  • Compound fruits may be aggregate fruits, in which one flower contains several ovaries, each of which develops into a small fruit. These small fruits are joined tightly together to make a larger fruit. An example of this is a raspberry. Each fleshy lobe in a raspberry is actually an individual fruit, but they are joined at their bases. Despite having the suffix "berry," aggregates cannot be berries, which are composed of a single ovary.
  • Compound fruits may also be multiple fruits, in which several flowers, each with an ovary, develop into small fruits that are clustered or fused together into a larger fruit. An example of this is apineapple. Each section of a pineapple was an individual fruit from an individual flower, but they have fused to form the pineapple. Another example is the fig.

Grapes grow in clusters, but are not compound fruits. Each grape is grown from one ovary in one flower, and each grape remains an independent fruit.

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Answers:Not generally. It might depend on what you put into the smoothie, but blending is a physical change not a chemical one, and I can't think of 2 fruits you would put together that would cause a chemical change.


Answers:hahahah, I told you! XD Yes there are nucleic acids in fruits and vegetables. DNA and RNA are examples.

Question:and is this true for an accessory fruit

Answers:1 ) It is NOT an aggregate fruit . 2 ) It is NOT a multiple fruit . 3 ) Apple is an accessory fruit === An accessory fruit, false fruit, spurious fruit, epigynous fruit, syconium or pseudo-carp is a fruit where the fleshy part is derived NOT from the ovary: but from some adjacent tissue. An example is the apple. Other examples include cashew and figs. Accessory fruit includes false berries (e.g. the strawberry). In the image below = the seed , Endocarp and Mesocarp are the actual fruit parts that we spit out !!! And part labeled " FLORAL PARTS " Is the part that is around the ovary ( Thalamus ) . It becomes fleshy and EDIBLE and makes the apple fruit a fruit of choice !!! = Now just click on the link === http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/thumb/e/e8/300px-Pome_apples_text.jpg

Question:For example microwave radiation. Will it increase the acidity of an orange when an orange is heated by it?

Answers:I don't see how this would change the acidity of a solution. Heat is energy; acidity involves concentration. Neither heat nor concentration (of a solution at least) affect each other. So I would have to say no.

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Antioxidant Fruits :. alaskablueberry.blogspot.com . Antioxidant-Loaded Fruits Fruits, especially berries, are chock-full of the disease-fighting antioxidants essential to your health. Antioxidant Values in Fruits And Vegetables A study from Tufts University in Boston ranks the antioxidant value of commonly eaten fruits and vegetables using an analysis called ORAC (Oxygen Radical ... How to Reduce Your Age With Top 10 Antioxidant Fruits and ... wikiHow article about How to Reduce Your Age With Top 10 Antioxidant Fruits and Vegetables. Fruits and berries rank highest in antioxidant content among foods Tuesday, May 17, 2005 by Mike Adams (see all articles by this author) | Key concepts: berries, antioxidant and fruits. Want stories like this e-mailed to ... Top 10 Antioxidant-Rich Fruits and Veggies | Living Healthy ... Move these antioxidant rich produce to the top of your shopping list. Antioxidant Fruits Science has found that simple plants contain antioxidants which are powerful compounds able to help ward off cancer and heart disease for example. Amazon Acai fruit: Brazil's antioxidant-rich superfood | New Life ... Amazon Acai fruit: Brazils antioxidant-rich superfood from New Life Journal in Health provided free by Find Articles. Antioxidant and antiproliferative activities of common fruits. However, the phenolic contents and their antioxidant activities in fruits and vegetables were underestimated in the literature, because bound phenolics were ... Antioxidants and Free Radicals: Making ...

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