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Question:I understand that parasitism is one creature harmed; one creature benefited. But when you think about it, what good does it do for a parasite to harm its host? If the situation was symbiotic (Like lets say a worm increases your longevity and overall health) More people would willing take it and the host would live longer allowing the parasite to reproduce more. I think a perfect example was used in the futurama episode were Fry eats and egg sandwhich that has worms.

Answers:there are beneficial parasites in many animals. There are bacteria in the human body that help digest food. They are considered parasites beacuse they feed on the food we eat but in doing so they help us

Question:Please put animal types and for M please don't put a bee and a flower & oxpecker bird and rhino. Then for C please don't say Shark and Romora & Tree and bird. Then for P please don't say Dog and flea. M I need 2 examples.C I need 2 examples. Then P i need 3 examples Thanx

Answers:Mutualism--clownfish and sea anemonae, termites and intestinal flagellates Commensalism-- Barnacles adhering to the skin of a whale or shell of a mollusk, tree frogs and various tropical plants Parasitism--lice, moquitoes, heartworms and hookworms, tapeworms


Answers:parasitic plants: Euphrasia Melampyrum Pedicularis Rhinanthus Cuscuta Lathraea squamaria parasitic animals: vorms

Question:where are some websites I can read about this also?

Answers:MUTUALISM mycorrhizae - In this relationship a particular fungal species has an intimate relationship with the roots of a particular speicies of higher plant. The fungus provides the plant with increased ability to absorb nutrients (particularly phosphorus) and water and often offers some disease resistance. In return the plant offers the fungus energy in the form of carbohydrates in the root sap. Many of these relationships are obligatory. COMMENSALISM - there are many examples of this type of symbiosis. Many species of moss or algae may live on the bark of a tree. The tree is completely unaffected and the moss or algae has a place to live above the clutter of leaf litter on the ground that would suffocate (eliminate light) to the moss or algal plant. Many animals make homes in trees without damaging the trees. Of course some animals do damage trees when they make their homes. PARASITISM - One of my favorite parasitic relationships in the deciduous forests here in Ohio is between the American beech tree and a plant called beech drops. Beech drops are only found growing under beech trees. Although they are flowering plants, they have no chlorophyll(they are cream colored) and live entirely on sap absorbed (stolen) from the beech tree. The beech drops have a special root structure called a haustorium which connects them to the host plant.

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