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Parasitic plants

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Answers:Parasitic plants get their nutrition by taking it from a living host. The host is harmed (a little or a lot), and the parasite benefits. Dodder and mistletoe are parasitic plants. An epiphytic plant just lives stuck onto another plant, usually up on a tree. The epiphyte doesn't take anything from the plant that it's living on. This is a commensal relationship. The epiphyte benefits by getting to live up higher in better light, and the host is neither helped nor harmed. Examples include the bromeliads. A saprophytic plant uses enzymes to break down dead organic matter and then absorbs nutrition from it. The Indian pipe is a saprophytic plant. It is not photosynthetic, so it has to get food somehow! Not too many plants are like that.

Question:Please put animal types and for M please don't put a bee and a flower & oxpecker bird and rhino. Then for C please don't say Shark and Romora & Tree and bird. Then for P please don't say Dog and flea. M I need 2 examples.C I need 2 examples. Then P i need 3 examples Thanx

Answers:Mutualism--clownfish and sea anemonae, termites and intestinal flagellates Commensalism-- Barnacles adhering to the skin of a whale or shell of a mollusk, tree frogs and various tropical plants Parasitism--lice, moquitoes, heartworms and hookworms, tapeworms

Question:are parasites do cause harm to the host plantrs. does this meanthat host plant is slowly killed off by the parasites?

Answers:It is for sure that the parasite causes harm to host plant, but to what extent is determined by the type of parasitic plants.in other words they generally don t kill their hosts; however, they don t benefit the hosts either.


Answers:parasitic plants: Euphrasia Melampyrum Pedicularis Rhinanthus Cuscuta Lathraea squamaria parasitic animals: vorms

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