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examples of ocean food chains

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Question:Ok I went through useless researching and didn't find exactly what I need. I need something that eats algae, kelp, seaweed.. and then I need something that eats the animal who eats algae, kelp, seaweed. I tried turtle, but there is no animal that I could find that eats a turtle!!! Another one was a crab... but I couldn't find an animal that eats a crab AND a turtle. So can anyone give me some examples I could use?

Answers:seagulls eat crabs on the beach... crabs don't really feed on algea or seaweed. try mollusks like the oyster or something that filter feeds. a lot of fish eats oysters....

Question:ok well on a food chain their are producers, consumers, and decomposers. I'm doing a food chain in the ocean. My question is, if the sun gives energy to a producer, and the plant is suppose to give energy to the consumer.. how is a shark suppose to eat a producer if the producer is a plant?? For example if the plant is seaweed, and my consumer is a shark.. how do I make the two connect if the consumer is an carnivore (sorry not sure if that word was in french)?? Thank you Should I add a herbivore??? the what's the word for that? Another type of a consumer?

Answers:A producer would be like the green scum or the plankton that make up that green scum. Little fish eat the scum. Even bigger fish eat those little fish. Even bigger fish eat those fish. Sharks eat those biggest fish. So eating the green producers indirectly. Took a while, but we got there. Plankton>Minnows>Trout>Shark Seaweed>Small fish>Big fish>Bigger fish>Shark This is an example of the food chain. Herbivore is an animal that just eats plants, yes it is another type of consumer. =D

Question:I have a homework assignment that asks me to follow the food chain up three animals from the prokaryote on the bottom of the ocean. Can anyone help? I can't find anything! Thanks!

Answers:That prokaryote is food for filter feeders ( Fan worms etc. 1). They are preyed upon by small carnivores (Crabs etc. 2) Those may be eaten bydeep dwelling fish, (Lanternfish etc. 3). These are only guesses. Best check on them.

Question:its for my science homework. thanks. any food chain will do

Answers:The surface of the sea swarms with billions of microscopic plants, called diatoms. With other plants such as seaweed, diatoms form the first link in most marine food chains. Orcas (killer whales) often eat cod and cod eat bivalves, especially mussels and cockles. In turn, the bivalves feed on tiny zooplankton that they filter out of the water. These zooplankton eat even tinier plants, the diatoms and other phytoplankton. Thus the diatoms are the producers and the zooplankton, bivalves, cod and orca are all consumers.

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