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examples of movable pulley

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Fixed pulley. Movable pulley. These are different types of pulley systems: Fixed A fixed or class 1 pulley has a fixed axle. That is, the axle is "fixed" or ...

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Question:1)mark the direction of force due to tensio?2)what is the purpose of fixed pully?3)if T is the tension in newton, what is relation between T and E?4)calsulate Velocity Ratio of system?5)assuming is 100%, what is the mechanical advantage?6)Calculate the effort E?

Answers:Find all the answers in your text book. Refer library books/Internet. We will not be able to answer all your syllabus questions in YA. Do some introspection and case study yourself.


Answers:It's not. The MA of any pulley system is numerically equal to the number of ropes that support the moveable block of pulleys.

Question:I have troubles calculating the mechanical adavantage and need help answering some lab questions. 1) what are the units of % efficiency? (work divided by work=?) 2)how to calculate the mechanical advantage of a pulley system -3 fixed n 3 movable wheels? 3)what are the units of MA? 4)what is the relationship between mechanical advantage and the # of strands of string that are lifting a weight? 5) Since my pulley system has 3 fixed n 3 movable wheels, what should the input work be? if the work output is 0.1962 J?

Answers:1) Efficiency is a dimensionless quantity. It has no unit. 3) This mechanical advantage is also just a number. For the rest of the answers you should describe your pulley system better.

Question:I was just wondering how kids (in grade 4) can make a fixed pulley system? I can't find any instructions online for kids to do this!! if you could help me, that would be great. Thanks!

Answers:If you put a rope over a tree branch (to lift a bucket, for example), that is a fixed pulley system.

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Lego Movable Pulley 3:1 :A Lego movable pulley system that has a 3:1 work reduction ratio. Perhaps in the near future I will build a 4 or 5 reduction pulley.

Pulley System Calculations Example 1 :