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The As You Like It quotation is a good example, the world is described as a .... A common definition of a metaphor can be described as a comparison that ...

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Answers:metaphors... Life is a journey purposes are destinations means are routes difficulties are obstacles counselors are guides achievements are landmarks choices are crossroads.. A lifetime is a day, death is sleep; a lifetime is a year, death is winter.. Life is a struggle, dying is losing a contest against an adversary.. Life is a precious possession, death is a loss.. Time is a thief.. similes... * as smart as a fox * as strong as an ox * as busy as a bee * as blind as a bat * as wise as an owl * as slippery as an eel * as quiet as a mouse * as gentle as a lamb * swims like a fish * walks like a duck * fly like a bird

Question:can some tell me what metaphores and similes are and also give me 5 examples of each of them

Answers:A simile is a comparison using 'like' or 'as.' She was quick like a rabbit. He was as mad as a hatter. The little baby was as sweet as sugar. The old man was wily like a fox. The puppy's fur was soft as silk. A metaphor (note the spelling) is a still stronger, direct comparison, where instead of being LIKE or AS something else, the object or person is actually described as BEING something else. For example: He was a crafty old man. The old fox even kept a schedule of his customers' paydays so he would know when they would be most desperate for his expensive loans. (He's not LIKE a fox, as in a simile, but he IS a fox) He was their Moses, leading the refugees out of their captivity in the deep South. (notice in this one the he's not LIKE Moses, he IS Moses!) She ran quickly between the two camps, a rabbit between two rabbit holes. (no longer LIKE a rabbit, she IS a rabbit) The solemn forest cathedral lifted all eyes and hearts to God. (there's no actual building here. The trees themselves form a cathedral-like place.) Finally, We are all travelers on this long road of life. There are many stops, many side trips, many adventures, and many ways to lose one's way. (this is an expanded (and frequently used) metaphor, directly comparing people to travelers and life itself to a long road, or journey. Metaphors like this help us to mentally 'get a handle' on large or difficult concepts by comparing them to something else.) I hope this is helpful to you.

Question:i need 10 similes and metaphors if you give more then ten then you get choosen for best answer

Answers:Look up "metaphor" and look up "simile". If current English textbooks are like what I recall in elementary, middle, and high school and college, you could probably even find excellent information in your text book as well. However, looking at your run-on sentence and your grammar, I can see why you need help with something that is elementary.

Question:i need 5 examples of figurative language for vanishing acts by jodi picoult so like similies and metaphors personification really fast thnx xoxox

Answers:"Outside, the neighborhood was painted like a hand-colored photo." (110) "In the crowded ore-intake area two dozen local cops stand with their charges, rearranging themselves like some kind of cog puzzle every time a new entrant arrives." (94) "I am aware, first, of the sun rising underneath the covers. Then comes the breath, heavy and wet as sand at the bottom of the sea." (90) "What captures the imagination is watching men throw themselves at a brick wall over and over again, and wondering if this is the time that they won't be able to get back up." (316) "The moment I gave up my clothes for a baggy jumpsuit I also peeled off the skin of the person I've pretended to be." (52)

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What is a Metaphor? :Go to www.figurative-language.com for free printable worksheets and resources for teachers and learners. This video explains what a metaphor is and offers examples to help you understand. Check out our other videos on figurative language simile, hyperbole, personification, and idiom.

Lesson - Simile, Metaphor, Alliteration :This is a lesson on similes, metaphors, and alliteration. There is also an example of a simple project to go along with the lesson.