examples of metals and nonmetals

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Answers:Properties of Metals: * Metals are usually opaque, hard solids with high density and have shiny, silvery luster, when cut or scratched. * Metals have strong metallic bonds that make them malleable, ductile and easy to bend. They have high melting points, boiling points and density. Metals can be hammered into new shapes because they are malleable. Metals can be drawn into a wire because they are ductile. * Metals have freely moving electrons and thus are good conductors of electricity and heat. * Metals may form oxides that turn moist litmus blue. For example, calcium oxide dissolves in water to form the alkali calcium hydroxide. Some metals form a surface layer of oxide that prevents more oxidation, such as Al, Cr, Mg and Zn. * Reactive metals have stable compounds. * Stable metals have compounds that easily decompose. Properties of non-metals: * Non-metals may be monatomic, such as Ne and He; polyatomic, such as F2; or network solids, such as diamond. * Non-metals may be solids, liquids or gases at room temperature. * Non-metals that are solids, are usually dull and brittle, and have low density. * Non-metals are usually poor conductors of electricity and heat. * Non-metals usually form oxides that turn moist litmus red. For example, carbon dioxide dissolves in water to form the weak acid, carbonic acid (H2CO3). * Exceptions to the properties of non-metals include graphite carbon that conducts electricity and silicon that has many physical properties of a metal.


Answers:Uh... just any two examples of non-metals? Wood, and um... cheese. Glad I could help.

Question:and if you want why they are good for their job (if they have one)

Answers:Examples of Metals are gold, copper, lead, zinc, iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium and mercury. What metal is used in household plumbing and wiring ? Copper What metal is used in jewelry and is an excellent electrical conductor ? Gold What metal is used in traditional photographic film Silver

Question:I have this science test tomorrow and I REALLY don't get the Periodic Table. I need some help. ANYTHING. For example, what are halogens? their properties? what are noble gases? what are their properties?

Answers:ok... Left side of the periodic table is metals. Right side is non metals. the dark like that always shows up and makes a zig-zap 3/4 of the way on the table shows the separation. Every element that touches that line is a metaloid Metals are shiny, ductile, malleable, and conduct electricity well Non metals do not Metaliods display both properties Nobel gases are the right most column. They are pretty non reactive because their electron shells are full Haogens are the column next to the nobel gases, they are extremely reactive because they are only one electron away from being stable.

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Meet the Non-Metal Family :Phinneus Phosphorus introduces you to the members of the the non-metal family on the periodic table (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus, of course). [Used as a exemplary example for students when starting their families of elements projects]

Non-Metals :The Non-Metal Selector Test