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Examples of Math in Everyday Life

Mathematics is one of the most important academic subject in student's study level. Mathematical ideas  are more relevant and accessible in everyday life. Encouraging students in early life to deal with mathematical application makes them more comfortable and easier to face both subject wise and real life problems. Math offers students a variety of skills in a project that will add a new dimension to your math class. Our Nation is unlikely to remain a world leader without a better educated workforce.

Mathematical ideas
Here are some of the places where we come up with a math application in every day to day life activity like time, sports and games,science,nature,building and construction, shopping,travel,etc.. Today world has been increased with the application of mathematics in every field. In commercially mathematics are used to analyze the discount rate, banking, ratio and proportion, stock management, etc.

The concept of average, mean, median, mode is followed in daily life like to study the rate of change,average speed of a car, number of rotations of planets  around the earth, the study of molecular structure.  A lot of research and development are carried out to prove the existence of theorems in real life.

Improving Maths Skills:
Each one of us  simply can  improve our mathematical skills by practicing, thinking things out. In school teacher can make use of   chart, pictures, object ,etc for better understanding of the subject in lower grade levels. Students own formulas, key concept, ideas to be considered and appreciated for well development of student math  skills. Mathematics idea more relevant and accessible work and in everyday life.