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Question:can you tell me if these 4 household products are bases or acids bleach, ammonia, aspirin, and battery acid

Answers:bleach it is a base because it has a pH of 12.5 ammonia is a base Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is an acid battery acid ia an acid.

Question:Hi - I've been assigned a task in chemistry to research any household acid or base and to design and carry out an experiment relating to it (ie. the effect of heat on it, or something like that). My options are really, really, really broad, which is good in a way, but makes my life very difficult in terms of deciding upon an interesting topic. I don't really want to do something like NaOH or HCl (or something that I've studied a million times over before), but I do want to be able to get substantial results from an experiment. So has anyone out there done something like this before/know of a household acid or base that would be interesting to do. I will be diluting any substance decided on, so strong acids and bases are OK. Thankyou :)

Answers:Have you thought about looking at vinegar ..dilute ethanoic acid, old fashioned name acetic acid/ Interesting stuff on history, natural formation and manufacture today. Also effect on boiling. You could also set up straightforward experiments to compare the concentration of different types or brands.

Question:I am a teacher in a school where funding is tight. For my physical science class, I want to show them examples of household acids and bases, and run reactions that will indicate if they are an acid or a base using other household materials. The acids are easy: add baking soda and carbon dioxide bubbles form. Is there a household product I can use to get a definitive reaction from a base?

Answers:I really hope that you are not a chem teacher. lol but you can use a cabbage juice solution just cut up the red cabbage and boil it. or you can use some pH paper from the pool store.

Question:research on acids and bases

Answers:Soaps and detergents are usually bases. This is why when you rub detergent between your fingers it feels slippery, and why body soap tastes bitter if it touches your tongue. These are both properties of bases. The only acids I can think of are in food. Lemons and vinegar are acids, which accounts for the sour taste.