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examples of functions in real life

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Question:How much time (days) does it take for an architech to design a bridge? And if, for example, it takes X days, does it mean that with 5 architects, it takes X/5 days? I know it's illogic, but I need to get an exemple of a Rational function (mathematics) in a real life situation. And it has to be related to invention/design/creation. If you have any other ideas, please tell me! Thanks!

Answers:ok... it takes X mins to buy a gallon of milk if 8 people in a row buy just a bottle of mile it would be 8X

Question:A function whose output is always the same regardless of the input is a constant function. Please give examples of a constant function in real life?

Answers:A fart x

Question:how can I apply a periodic function to my everyday life? whats a good example?

Answers:sun rise/set tides seasons anything like that

Question:would the stock market be a real life example help please and thanks!!! :)

Answers:The absolute value os used to make a negative or positive number become positive. There are many real life applications: If you are on a foot ball Field and walk 3 yards south you won't say i walk -3 yards you will just say 3. Does it real matter what they are? Just learn it and do it.

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