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The cattle egret, Bubulcus ibis, is a classic example of commensalism. ... There are three other types of association: mutualism (where both organisms ...

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Answers:Barnacles on a whale.

Question:Okay, so I need a commensalism example that is NOT one of the following: 1. Barnacles on whales and clams 2. Remora sharks and whales 3. Epiphytes 4. The Cattle Erget and Cattle 5. Pseudoscorpions and beetles 6. Sea anemone and fish And PLEASE do not answer with "Sorry, I dunno." Those are wastes of time and you don't deserve 2 points.

Answers:How about when snails die, hermit crabs use the shell. It can be argued however that there is no true commensalism as it effects the other organism in a very subtle way.

Question:1) Some large sea anemones allow a particular fish to enter their body cavity (stomach). Later the fish emerges with no apparent harm to either organism. 2) In TX, cattle egrets (large white bird) are often found near cattle. Sometimes they are seen riding on the backs of these cattle where they are believed to feed on insects within the cattle's fur. They can also be seen feeding on insects that the cattle stir up in the grass as they walk.

Answers:1 is commensalism because the fish is being protected by the anemone but the anemone is not being benefitted by the fish's presence. 2 is mutualism because both organisms are being benefitted. The bird gets a ride while the cattle get their pesty insects removed!

Question:what are examples of commensalism in a biome that does not involve marinelife. Examples in biomes such as : 1. Savanna 2. Rainforest 3. Temperate Grasslands 4. Temperate forest 5. Coniferous Forsts 6. Steppe and Praire 7. Tundra I am doing a project and that is the one question i have no idea to! Thanks if you can help

Answers:in the savanna, there are certain grazing herds that birds follow. the grazers recieve no benefit from the bird, but the birds can easily find bugs to feed on where the grazers had grazed at. Commenalism is difficult to find, but this could count.

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Anik's commensalism :He presented the examples of commensalism.

0421 732 Relationships Between Organisms 2.mov :7.3.2 explain the interaction and dependence of organisms on one another 0421 732 Relationships Between Organisms and Symbiosis WebQuest. What are more examples of mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism? Analyze different sets of organisms and determine what types of symbiotic relationships they are in. Research a symbiotic relationship for your endangered species. For more information, visit: sites.google.com For WebQuest, visit: sites.google.com