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examples of a concluding sentence

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Question:I don't want to repeat the statement over again. So what is a good way to re-state the topic sentence for the conclusion?

Answers:The best way to restate your thesis is by reaffirming your purpose in writing the paper. Make your conclusion powerful. i.e. thesis: Animal abuse should be stopped. conclusion: There is no excuse for the continual mistreatment of animals, and it needs to come to an end. MAKE A POINT if you gave me an example i could help you a little bit more


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Question:the thing we had to write about is "what is algebra" and also can u help me with making this paragraph better?? 10 POINTS!! Algebra is defined as a branch of mathematics that uses mathematical statements to describe relationships between things that vary over time. A variable is often used to represent the amount that varies, because it is not a fixed amount. A variable is a letter or symbol used to represent an amount that changes. Mathematical statements can be expressed by using algebraic terms, expressions, or equations. A term is either a number or a product of a number and one or more variables. An expression is a combination of mathematical symbols, variables and constants. Last, an equation is a mathematical statement where two expressions are equal.

Answers:A very concise and accurate description, apart from one thing. Algebra does not necessarily involve time. All measurable and countable objects can be expressed using algebra; space, and force, being but two.


Answers:I would say you can conclude that this particular beastie stuck around for a very long time before becoming extinct.

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Sentence Fragments :This story gives examples of sentence fragments and complete sentences. (This is a slower version of the one that I put up last summer.)

Grammar: Student Examples of Sentence Types :This video captures the honors English 10 discussion about the four sentence types in English grammar. This part of the discussion looks at student examples of each type. Part 2 of 2.