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example of williamson ether synthesis

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Question:Ethanol would have boiled off at about 78C, ethoxybutane at about 89C. NaBr and Bromobutane have higher boiling points. I dont know what the first fraction is. It started distilling around 30C.


Question:organic chemistry synthesis question...it's been driving me up the wall. any help would be great!

Answers:Sure, depending on which one.... But in general, try: a. Reducing the aldehyde to an alcohol with NaBH4 or LiAlH4 (careful!!) b. React the alcohol with sodium metal or sodium hydride. c. React the product of b. (a sodium methoxylate salt) with another appropriately chosen alcohol. d. You now have an ether by the Williamson Synthesis (Steps b thru d)

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Williamson Ether Synthesis :This video outlines the Williamson Ether Synthesis mechanism using two very simple molecules.

Williamson Ether Synthesis Using 1-bromobutane and Potassium tert-butoxide :In this video the product of the reaction of 1-bromobutane and potassium tert-butoxide is outlined in ACE Organic. Williamson ether synthesis is a common method to synthesize ethers from alkyl halides and alkoxides.