example of reflexive property of equality

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Question:I need help please!

Answers:The reflexive property basically says that anything is equal to itself. An example would be 2 = 2. An algebraic example would be like 3x + 12 = x - 6 where (x = -9)

Question:If the measure of angle G equals 35 and the measure of angle S equals 35, then the measure of angle G is congruent to the measure of angle S (the last part doesn't make sense to me to use "congruent" because you're dealing with measures, but it's what the problem is telling me). From the properties of equality below, which one justifies the above statement? -Addition Property of Equality -Subtraction Property of Equality -Multiplication Property of Equality -Division Property of Equality -Reflexive Property of Equality -Symmetric Property of Equality -Transitive Property of Equality -Subsitution Property of Equality Thank you!

Answers:I'll admit I had trouble keeping these terms separated. They kind of overlap. But, I think this is an example of Transitive Property of an Equality. I just checked, and the definition of Transitive is "if a = c and b=c then a =b." That sounds a lot like the problem you site. By the way-- congruent simply means precisely the same or corresponding exactly to. I agree though, I'm use to it only involving geometry problems w/out measurements involved.

Question:yo "If AB = 10, then 10 + BC = 28" This is an example of: A-symmetric property of equality B-subsitution property of equality C-subtraction property of equality D- addition property of equality E- reflexive property of equality thanks for your help this was the full question. it doesnt need to be solved, i just need the property that is being represented.

Answers:You left out the statement relating AB and BC ! Maybe there is a diagram. In any event, without it, there is no... Yo !

Question:This is an example of which algebraic property? If x = 2, then 2 = x. a. the reflexive property of equality b. the symmetric property of equality c. the transitive property of equality d. the closure property


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Properties of Equality :a song about properties of equality: Reflexive, symmetric, transitive, addition, multiplicaiton

Reflexive Property and Symmetric Property - YourTeacher.com :For a complete lesson on algebra properties, go to www.yourteacher.com - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students learn the following properties of equality reflexive, symmetric, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, substitution, and transitive.