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example of redox reaction in daily life

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Question:Teacher posted a question to us about examples of redox reactions in the kitchen. I'm stumped.

Answers:well i was stumped too..well i fink maybe this would do your cooking fuel(for e.g butane) it is oxidise to CO2 and your O2 is reduced to H2O...wen i'll get more...will let you know.

Question:I have a project on chemical changes in our every day life. can some one specifically tell me some chemical changes and why they are chemical changes? example: a nail rusts it is a chemical reaction because rusting is a chemical change/reaction and it is a new substance and it is irreversible. oh and is breaking down food with saliva a chemical chenga?if so why?

Answers:Burning a log of wood Mixing an acid with a base, producing water and a salt. Photosynthesis - a process in which carbon dioxide and water are changed into sugars by plants. Cracking heavy hydrocarbons to create lighter hydrocarbons (part of the process of refining oil). Cooking examples: popcorn, cake, pancakes, and eggs Oxidation examples: rust or tarnishing Combustion Mixing chemicals Rotting of fruit

Question:So I own a few chemsitry books and they all make interludes in various chapters to explain how the concepts being taught affect daily live and other sciences. For example: >Photography, Redox reactions, McMurry Chemistry >Thermodynamics. Firewalking: Magic or science? Zumdalh Chemical Principles >Quantum Theory, Lasers and CD. Ebbing Gammon General Chemistry I want to know if theres a book that is just about Chemistry and its different aplicattions.

Answers:There is a book called "The Extraordinary Chemistry of Ordinary things" by Snyder that is really excellent that real-world examples for all aspects of chemistry. It is meant for teaching applied chemistry to non-majors.

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Chemistry: Redox Reactions and Half Reactions :Watch more free lectures and examples of Chemistry at www.educator.com Other subjects include Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Biology, Physics, Statistics, and Computer Science. -All lectures are broken down by individual topics -No more wasted time -Just search and jump directly to the answer

Chemistry Tutorial 8.02d: Redox Reactions Demonstrations :This video provides some real-life examples of redox reactions.