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Example of Non Biodegradable Waste

Non-Biodegradable wastes are those that cannot break down or degrade for many years. These are waste that cannot change into manure and they pile up causing pollution. Burning of these fuels causes more pollution in the environment. The non-biodegradable wastes become useful when they can be recycled. So any non-biodegradable waste can be dumped in a recycling center and can be made useful for other things.

These wastes for examples thin paper boards usually do not dissolve, they remain like debris which damages the environment. These materials that are non-biodegradable are not affected by natural processes. They do not react or dissolve easily in the soil. Some examples of non-biodegradable waste which can be again used at homes are aluminum cans, bottles, plastic products, metal scraps, glasses, grocery bags or plastic bags and Styrofoam. These non-biodegradable items have to be stored properly post usage or they can be recycled.

Non-biodegradable wastes are those which do not break down for many years. Examples of non-biodegradable wastes are plastics, glasses, metals, toxic chemicals, toxins, plastic products like plastic bags, grocery bags, plastic containers, and plastic water bottles are also non biodegradable.

Non-biodegradable wastes are a major concern to environmentalists and many are adapting to more eco-friendly lifestyle. Waste grows as the population increases. It is important to understand the effects the non-biodegradable waste on our planet. The non-biodegradable waste is discarded in the landfills will only accumulate.

The advancement in technology has helped us produce the material that can withstand extreme conditions that are durable and easy to use. Plastic products like the plastic bags, plastic bottles, tin cans, synthetics and e-waste are some of the things that make our life easy. These useful products do not breakdown naturally. Disposal of these materials in garbage; natural environment like the air, water, moisture, climate and soil cannot break them down and they do not dissolve in with the surrounding land. As these biodegradable waste materials pile up, it possesses an increased threat to the environment.

List of non-biodegradable wastes include:
  • Plastic products like grocery bags, plastic bags, water bottles, etc.
  • Metals, metal cans, tins, metal scraps, etc.
  • Construction waste, rubber tires, man-made fibers like nylon etc.
  • Computer hardware like glass, CDs, DVDS, cellophane, processed woods, cable wires, Styrofoam etc.