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example of natural active immunity

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Active immunization

Active immunization is the induction of immunity after exposure to an antigen. Antibodies are created by the recipient and may be stored permanently.

Active immunization can occur naturally when a microbe or other antigen is received by a person who has not yet come into contact with the microbe and has no pre-made antibodies for defense. The immune system will eventually create antibodies for the microbe, but this is a slow process and, if the microbe is deadly, there may not be enough time for the antibodies to begin being used.

Artificial active immunization is where the microbe is injected into the person before they are able to take it in naturally. The microbe is treated, so that it will not harm the infected person. Depending on the type of disease, this technique also works with dead microbes, parts of the microbe, or treated toxins from the microbe.

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Answers:The production of antibodies against a specific agent by the immune system. Active immune can be acquired two ways, By contacting an infectious disease, such as chicken pox's (for example) or vaccination such as polio (for example). Active immunity is permanent, the individual is protected all their lives from from disease

Question:examples: innate immunity, artifically passive & active, naturally passive & active immunity.

Answers:examples: innate immunity - immunity that has already exist since birth.. eg: protection layers of skin, acidic environment in stomach to kill germs, or vomitting to remove toxins in food poisioning. others include endocytosis, or WBC actions. artifically passive - this can include feeding of breast milk to baby (milk contains lgA) or active - vaccination, which is injected into blood to cause an active reaction (production of Ab by B cells) naturally passive - this can be called T cells and B cells that protects the body & active immunity. - activated when real virus, bacteria (sick) enters body to produce a reaction. eg: B cells produce plasma cells for specific Ab against pathogen. note: artifical = man- induced acive = alive, (eg: illness cause by living pathogen) hope that helps^^

Question:what does passive immunity and active immunity mean?

Answers:Passive immunity is the transfer of active humoral immunity in the form of readymade antibodies, from one individual to another. Passive immunity can occur naturally, when maternal antibodies are transferred to the fetus through the placenta, and can also be induced artificially, when high levels of human (or horse) antibodies specific for a pathogen or toxin are transferred to non-immune individuals. Passive immunization is used when there is a high risk of infection and insufficient time for the body to develop its own immune response, or to reduce the symptoms of ongoing or immunosuppressive diseases. Active immunity: The production of antibodies against a specific agent by the immune system. Active immunity can be acquired in two ways: by contracting an infectious disease -- such as, for example, chickenpox; or by receiving a vaccination usually pe-- such as, for example, against polio.

Question:I know vaccines are a form of active immunity, does that mean that H1N1, Hepatitus A or B are forms of active immunity? Many thanks in advance.

Answers:well the shots you get to prevent the actual virus is a dead example. this is a dead virus that is injected into your immune system, it takes it in gets to know it^^ bonding with its structure adapts your body to "join forces" with the vaccine. yes these would be some examples of an active immune system.

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