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A characteristic type of food chain called the detritus cycle takes place involving detritus feeders (detritivores), detritus and the micro-organisms that ...

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detritus food chain Dictionary definition of detritus food chain...

Definition of detritus food chain Our online dictionary has detritus foodchain information from A Dictionary of Zoology dictionary.

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Answers:detritus is organic waste material from decomposing dead plants or animals. This detritus is an important source of nutrients for so-called "detritus feeders" or detritivores. In many ecosystems, these form an important part of the food chain. What is left behind by the detritivores is then further broken down and recycled by decomposers, such as bacteria and fungi. I.E.- Lobsters eat Rotting Plant material, and bacteria and shrimp eat Lobster's waste.


Answers:Detritus is that waste material left behind from other biological processes. Therefore, characteristics of a food chain based on detritus are: a) Primary source of energy is dead organic matter called 'detritus' which are fallen leaves, plant parts or dead animal bodies. b) Primary consumers are 'detritivores' including protozoans, bacteria, fungi, etc which feed upon the detritus saprophytically. c) Detritivores are inturn eaten by secondary consumers such as insect larvae, nematodes, etc. d) Detritus food chains are generally shorter than grazing food chains e) In nature, detritus food chains are indispensable as the dead organic matter of grazing food chain is acted upon by the detritivores to recycle the inorganic elements into the ecosystem.


Answers:Breaking down dead things and recycling their nutrients back into the food chain.


Answers:Leaf litter and other detritus washes or falls into the water course. This means there is more to degrade than what the resident producers and consumers provide to degrade.

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Rainforest Food Chain :This video shows the food chain of a rainforest (science) at a fourth grade level. It breaks down each layer, names them and shows examples. At the end of the video there is a short quiz over the information covered.