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Question:okay so could you tell me whether the following are compounds or mixtures: Food Colouring Mouthwash Quartz Sulfur Cement Helium Ginger ale Sulfuric acid Iron Liquid Oxygen Carbon Dioxide crude oil glucose if you cannot answer all that is okay could you please just answers as much as possible! that would be greatly appreciated Additional stuff... and if you want to answer this part... could please say whether it is a compound or element if it is a pure substance and if it is a mixture can you say whether it is a mixture or solution! please!! for example sugar is a pure substance and is a compound scrambled eggs is a mixture so it is a mixture also is rubbing alcohol a mixture or pure substance? oh and just to help you some more... Mixture-Composed of 2 or more pure substances Solution-a homogeneous mixture of substances in which no setting occurs when it is left alone Pure Substances-Composed of only one ttype of particle-can exist in all 3 states Elements-Smallest building block of matter eg. oxygen, Hydrogen, gold Compounds-Are composed of 2 or more elements e.g water, sugar i hope this helps with your answers! and i need this for today so if anyone can please help even answer 1 or 2 that would be amazing!!!!

Answers:Food colouring - mixture (dyes dissolved in water or alcohol) Mouthwash - mixture (antiseptic dissolved in water and alcohol) Quartz - compound (silicon dioxide) Sulfur - element Cement - mixture (hydrated calcium alumio-silicates mixed with other materials) Ginger ale - mixture (carbon dioxide, sugar and flavoring dissolved in water) Sulfuric acid - compound (diHydrogen sulfate) Iron - element Liquid oxygen - element Carbon dioxide - compound Crude oil - mixture (various hydrocarbons) Glucose - compound (a carbohydrate)

Question:There was a little bit of a fight between my teacher and me today, over whether an apple would be a pure substance. He doesn't follow the textbook, but we all have one to read out of, and I read that; Water is a pure substance, salt is a pure substance, apples are a pure substance BUT, water isn't a pure substance! Its made of Hydrogen and Oxygen; 2 different aliments. An apple is made of things like glucose, etc. Salt is made of sodium, and chloride So, not one of those examples are a pure substance, ( I think... ) Any help?

Answers:You are incorrect and your teacher is correct. A pure substance is "any material with a definite chemical composition." "A pure substance can either be a pure chemical element or a pure chemical compound." Study up.

Question:And an explanation of the terms would be fantastic - I've gotten difference definitions at every website. Thanks in advance! Oh, and the hydrate I'm working with in a lab is Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate (MgSO4*7H2O) if that makes any difference.

Answers:Ignore Aurelius - he hasn't bothered to find out what a hydrate is! The water is not chemically bonded to the magnesium sulphate - no covalent or ionic bonds have to be broken to separate it, but the water is coordinated with the compound, so a hydrate is an example that is half way between a pure compound and a mixture - that's why there are differences in the websites you have searched. http://drtchemistry.wordpress.com/

Question:I need help in my homework!!! Classifications for each of these please!!! 1.Salt 2.Block of Iron 3.Glass of Cola 4.Mercury in a thermometer 5.Ice 6.Vinegar and Oil 7.Copper wire 8.Earth's atmosphere, when dusty 9.Earth's atmosphere, when dust-free 10.Rust 11.Brass 12.Aluminum foil 13.Homogenized milk 14.Sugar 15.Sugar water 16.Sandy water 17.Neon gas in neon sign 18.Blood THANKS SO MUCHHHH! 9th Grade .....

Answers:1. compound (NaCl), pure substance 2. element, pure substance 3. mixture (homogeneous) 4. element, pure substance 5. compound (H2O), pure substance 6. mixture (heterogeneous) 7. element, pure substance 8. mixture (heterogeneous) 9. mixture (homogeneous) 10. mixture (iron oxides), heterogeneous 11. mixture (homogeneous) 12. element, pure substance 13. mixture, homogeneous 14. compound (sucrose), pure substance 15. mixture (homogeneous) 16. mixture (heterogeneous) 17. element, pure substance 18. mixture (heterogeneous)