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Question:I'm writing an essay for my college class but can't come up with a topic to argue. The teacher doesn't want anything too controversial like gay marriage or abortion. She want's us to argue something we can win.

Answers:Cloning Vegetarianism Animal Testing Adoption World War Two (being thankful) Medicating Children Death Penalty Global Warming Home Schooling Cancer Causes Tattoos Exploration of Mars Hope these help!

Question:-rich countries should give more money to poor countries to become more sustainable -Australia signing the Kyoto Protocol will have little impact on climate change -Renewable energy resources can meet our future energy needs -Australians are not serious about climate change -Drought is a permanent part of Australia -Australians need to use recycled drinking water -Global warming-there is nothing we can do about it -Controlled whaling should be aloud -The federal Government should not take control of water in Australia -Canberrans have not learnt their lesson about bushfires

Answers:Rich countries need to give money to poor countries or else you will have the same problem the USA has ,all the people come here in too great a number for our resources to handle and now we are getting just like the poor countries . We are importing poverty.

Question:For arguing, like this point vs. that point My interests are soccer, history, and food/health. I would really like to do something along the lines with food and health since I think it is easy to argue about. Thanks!

Answers:Lots of good material to research on foof and health. Here are a few debate topics: http://ca.search.yahoo.com/search?ei=utf-8&fr=slv1-&p=Debates%20about%20nutrition&ei=UTF-8&type=

Question:-Why marijuana should be legal -Why alcohol should be banned -Why every state should have the death penalty If anyone has any other suggestions then please let me know! It has to be a paper that is persuading someone to be for something or against something!

Answers:Medicare should cover more medicine!!! Some people have to eat dog food so they can afford some of their medications. I like your ideas too. If Marijuana was legal the government could moniter it so we would have less deaths due to toxins in it.

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Argumental - The Theory Of Evolution Is Nonsense :Head to Head round from Series 2 Episode 9 of Argumental. Topic: The Theory Of Evolution Is Nonsense. Dara O'Briain argues FOR the statement (which if you know anything about Dara is quite funny in itself) while Marcus Brigstocke argues AGAINST. Argumental is shown in the UK on Dave and BBC2

Argumentative Essay, Type 2, Body :ELB students need to pay special attention body paragraphs in Argumentative Essay, Type 2. The topic sentence is dealt with in this brief video.