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Question:Omg im so sick of asking for help. (9-t)-(t+6)=t Ok so i got the answer T=-1 but my friend said it was wrong and he taught me but he taught it in a confusing way. I subtracted 6 from 9 and got 3. then i subtracted -t-t and got -2t. I took the t from the right side and subtracted that and got -3x and then 3/-3 is equal to -1. what am i doing wrong. im so confused. like how do you know when your suppose to subtract a variable? which variable to do first left or right? I need help on this because im so confused in solving equations with two variables. Anyone have a site that teaches how to do everysingle problem in the book?

Answers:first you want to simplify the left side of the equation starting with (9-t)-(t+6)=t we first need to get rid of the grouping symbols () so we get 9-t-t-6 = t it sounds to me like you got to their fine. Next we want to combine like terms. 9 and -6 and the ts on the left side to get 3 - 2t = t now we can add the 2t to the right side of the equation and get 3 = 3t divide both sides by 3 and get t = 1 Hope that helps.

Question:I am having the hardest time with this. I don't get it all. I've looked at a bunch of sites, but all their examples have equations that look like 34-7x=6+2x and mine doesn't look like that! Nothing is attached to my variable. One of my problems is 7*x-8=x-7*5. Can someone please give me a step by step on how to solve equations like this? Merci beaucoup! the stars are for multiplication.

Answers:What do the stars represent? Multiplication? Is this the equation you're asking about: 7x - 8 = x - 35

Question:Could you help me by telling me how the following examples are done? Thank you. 1: 2(c-6)=9c+2 2: 9+5n=5n-1

Answers:Let's do the first one. Start by getting rid of the parentheses: 2c - 12 = 9c + 2 Now move the c-terms to the left side and the unit terms to the right: 2c - 9c = 2 + 12 Combine like terms: -7c = 14 Then divide by the coefficient of the variable: c = 14/(-7) c = -2 There's your answer! The second one is a little tricky. First, move the variables to the left side and units to the right: 5n - 5n = -1 -9 0 = -10 Since there's no value of n that makes zero equal to -10, this tells you that there's no value of n that solves the equation. In other words, the equation has no solution. Hope that helps!

Question:1. j=20-4j 2. 8/9x=8+4/9x

Answers:1.))) j=20-4j -4j -4j subtract 4j from each side -3j=20 ---------- divide each side by -3 -3 -3 -3j divided by -3 (the threes cancel out) j=6.66666667 2.))) 8/9x=8+4/9x 9x is on BOTH sides, so they go away 8=8+4 8=12 2=3 your final answer will be NO NUMBERS, because you cannot finalize the bottom numbers to one

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