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eqao grade 6 practice test

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Question:Grade 6 EQAO is coming up soon and i really need help! So i decided i should go on some website that has questions, or games similar to the grade 6 curriculum. The main subject i need help on is math, but if you can find a website that has more subjects, example, language that would be great thnx! Oh btw please don't give me the website that has the EQAO's from pervous years, because I already know that one, and it didn't really help

Answers:Here is a website that might help : http://www.hcdsb.org/classportal/files/6957-8727-EQAO.PDF This only helps with math I think. I hope it helps!!


Answers:You can't, the test is only administered through your school.

Question:If = 4, what is the value of 21-(4x )? Nicholas works on his math project for 2 1/2 hours on Monday and 1 3/4 hours on Wednesday and 3 hours on Thursday. What is the total time he works on his math project, expresses in minutes? A watermelon has a mass of 2.4kg. What is the mass expressed in g AND mg? Thanks in advance. Best answer to the first person who gets all of these correct! :)

Answers:1] Substitute = 4 into 21 - (4x ) 21 - (4x4) = 21 - 16 = 5 2] Convert each time into minutes: Monday: 2 hours = 150 minutes Wednesday: 1 hours = 105 minutes Thursday: 3 hours = 180 minutes You can now add them together: 150 + 105 + 180 = 435 minutes 3] 2.4kg = 2,400 g or 2,400,000 mg Hope this helps.

Question:So, I know in grade 9 there will be an EQAO examination on math. I was wondering how long is it, what kind of questions are there, (eg. multiple choice, long and short,...) and if there will also be reading and writing as part of the EQAO exams like in grade 3 and 6. Thanks for your help. Also, if anyone can answer this, what are the regular end of the semester exams like?

Answers:Right, EQAO is a huge joke. My friend who has a 53 in math found it incredibly easy. There are 2 booklets, and they go like this, if I'm not mistaken: Section 1: 7 multiple choice questions (hard to go wrong with multiple choice) Section 2: 4 RIDICULOUSLY easy long answer questions Section 3: 7 multiple choice questions You get about an hour for each booklet, and you'll finish in about 40-60 minutes. There is no reading or writing for EQAO in grade 9. You take the literacy test in grade 10.

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juggling practice!!! 6th grade :Created on December 8, 2010 using FlipShare.me juggling on a snow day i was bored

Trinity Grade 6 Aural Test 01 :An example of the Trinity Aural Test (Grade 6) during which questions are based on a piece of music. Q1. About the Pice Q2. Cadence Q3. Modulation Q4. Identify two changes in the music (this example has three for practice purposes)