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English Sentences for Daily Use

English is a common language which we use to communicate with people globally. This language is extensively used in offices, universities, media and news sectors and many other sectors. It is one of the official languages in India. Apart from India, many countries including Canada, Bahamas, Ireland, Jamaica, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Sudan use English as an official language. In these competitive days, students must know English properly to get their desired job in any place in the world. Additionally, this is the time of global business and therefore, knowing English is well-accepted and necessary in all manners. Moreover, students should know some useful and expressive English sentences for daily use.

In schools, we usually use English while communicating with our teachers and friends. Though we use this language extensively, but some students face the problem while communicating with others. In that case, they can opt for online learning assistance, which help students to enhance their communication skill in a systematic manner. These services are available 24x7 and hence, students can choose online sessions at their preferred time. In these sessions, students can learn some basic sentences or key sentences, which are appropriate for different scenarios. Most importantly, different sentences are taught in these sessions. For instance, greeting and general sentences, sentences on college related topics, sentences about emotions and feeling are included in each online session.

English sentences used in daily life should be constructive and simple. Students can use some simple and short sentences in their day-to-day life. They can use greetings and exclamatory words like ‘excellent’, ‘obviously’, ‘marvellous’, ‘well done’ and many others in their sentences to express their feelings. Students are also suggested to include ‘please’ and ‘kindly’ to make their sentences polite and appropriate. ‘Kindly convey my regards’, ‘sorry for the inconvenience’; ‘please speak slowly’, ‘glad to meet you’ are some of the polite sentences that students can use in their daily conversation. Moreover, they can include some phrases including ‘be careful’, ‘thanks for the favor’, and ‘see you again’ and others. They can use present tense, present continuous tense and simple past tense in sentences for daily use.

Right sentence formation is essential in daily conversation. Daily use English sentences should be simple and understandable. Students should avoid using complex sentences. Moreover, there are many options through which students can enhance their communication skill in a short span of time. They can choose suitable word and for that, they should read books. Reading newspapers is also helpful for students and by following this, students can improve their vocabulary, as well. Moreover, check the word and then learn the synonyms and antonyms of this word and then use this word in sentences. Thus, students can build some good and meaningful sentences in their daily conversation.