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English Picture Composition

English picture composition plays a pivotal role in each English syllabus. The educational boards generally include this option to assess students’ understanding in picture composition. Generally, it is included in the syllabus designed for elementary level. Students need to practice picture composition thoroughly to get a clear idea about this topic. Picture composition generally develops the skill of observation and hence, students need proper guidance to understand the entire concept of picture composition. Consequently, by following the picture, students get ideas and they represent their ideas through well-formed sentences. Moreover, they should write grammatically correct and meaningful sentences so that reader can understand their ideas properly.

English picture composition for kids is quite interesting. After following the picture, students can express their views. It not only enhances their observation skill, but also improves their analyzing quality. Moreover, it attracts students most and they prefer to do this due to its colorful pictorial aspect. Some useful guidelines for picture composition are mentioned here.
  • First, students need to understand the questions.
  • The second step is to study the picture carefully and note down the important things in a sequence.
  • Some important points like people, their activities and background should be checked thoroughly.
  • Students can give names to places and characters to make it more engaging and interesting
  • Sentence formation should be simple and catchy. They can elaborate the entire picture in past tense.
  • Students can add paragraphs and paragraphs should be inter-linked.
  • Students can narrate the entire picture by using relevant words, adjectives and adverbs. They can use pertinent phrases, as well. They can give reasons for occurrences.
  • The conclusion paragraph should be catchy and complete so that readers can understand the entire story in a detailed manner. Moreover, before submitting the composition, students should check the grammar, spelling and punctuation.
English picture composition for class 2, English picture composition for class 3 and others are available online. Students can collect these as per their academic standard. Moreover, they can get the guidance, as well. Generally, in class room, teachers guide throughout the class time and show students the right way to understand the pictures. Consequently, they learn the right pattern of sentence formation. Free compositions are also there where students can express their own ideas. Moreover, based on the pictures, students need to explain their understanding in a thorough manner.