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Question:I need 2 examples. Thanks so much to anyone who can help!

Answers:all of these are from somebody on wiki answers My computer hates me. The camera loves me. Art is a jealous mistress. Wind yells while blowing. Opportunity knocked on the door. The sun greeted me this morning. Snow had wrapped a white blanket over the city. Time never waits for anyone. Trees were dancing with the wind. The TV sprang to life. The radio stopped singing and continued to stare at me. The picture in that magazine shouted for attention. The flowers were crying for my attention. Sun was playing hide and seek, amidst the clouds. The car winked at me. The lightning lashed out with anger. The moon seemed to smile at me from the sky. The sky was full of dancing stars.

Question:English due in three days! Seriously need help!

Answers:Similes and metaphors are comparisons Similes use the words 'like' or 'as' Examples: Simile: the flower was like a sunburst of light/ Metaphor: The flower was a sunburst of color Adjectives: Anything describing a noun Example: "GREEN plant" "SMELLy animal" Personification: When something that is not a person is being described as a person Example: "The wind whispered his secrets to me through the reeds"

Question:Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points) _______ is a style of writing, developed in the 19th century, which attempts to depict life accurately without idealizing or romanticizing it. Naturalism Tall tale Realism Macabre Regionalism -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 2 (True/False Worth 10 points) Local color is a term applied to fiction or poetry, which tends to place special emphasis on a particular setting, including its customs, clothing, dialect, and landscape. True False -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 3 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points) The _______ used in Mark Twain s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer helps in portraying characters realistically. dialect regionalism personification local color metaphor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 4 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points) ____________________was a literary movement that produced writings focused on the individual and the hardships he faced. These writers are concerned with the world and its effects on real, ordinary people, in real places, at this present time. Deconstructionism Regionalism Naturalism Realism -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 5 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points) The play was a _____of a vagabond's life. dispensation tableau temerity sibilant condolence -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 6 (True/False Worth 10 points) Naturalism is a style of writing that romanticizes and idealizes life. True False -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 7 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points) ____________________can be defined as realism taken to an extreme. This type of literature focused on man as subjected to his environment and the laws of science. Regionalism Naturalism Romanticism The Modern Movement -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 8 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points) In Twain's "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County," the character Smiley has a weakness. What is that weakness? gambling drinking cursing training animals -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 9 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points) We discover Miss Emily Grierson has done what inexcusable crime at the end of "A Rose for Emily"? stolen dangerous drugs from a chemist murdered her boyfriend murdered her butler poisoned her cousins -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 10 (Multiple Choice Worth 10 points) All of the following are examples of frontier dialect EXCEPT: Arbuckle's bedroll cash in one's six shooter grits

Answers:Q1 - Naturalism Q2 - True Q3 - Dialect Q4 - Realism Q5 - Tableau Q6 - False Q7 - Naturalism Q8 - Gambling Q9 - Murdered her boyfriend Q10 - Grits

Question:Question 1 (True/False Worth 2 points) In Thomas Paine s The Crisis, the tavern keeper at Amboy is presented in a positive light. He is a courageous, heroic Patriot who will bend to no one and nothing. True False Question 2 (True/False Worth 2 points) Squanto, a Native North American of the Pawtuxet tribe in what later came to be known as Massachusetts, became friendly with the Plymouth colonists, aiding them in their planting and fishing. True False Question 3 (Multiple Choice Worth 8 points) What was one of the first things that Squanto taught the English? How to roast a chicken How to speak tribal language How to swim How to use fish fertilizer with their crops How to find water in the forest Question 4 (Multiple Choice Worth 8 points) Why did Olaudah Equiano s two countrymen jump into the sea? They wanted to swim They wanted to fish They preferred death to a life of misery They had become insane They had been pushed into the sea Question 5 (Multiple Choice Worth 8 points) Tyranny like hell is not easily conquered. This statement from Thomas Paine s The Crisis is an example of a/an: allusion. personification. metaphor. irony. aphorism. Question 6 (Multiple Choice Worth 8 points) In the "Declaration of Independence," Thomas Jefferson expresses his grievances against the: King of Great Britain. Almighty. General Congress. President. army. Question 7 (Multiple Choice Worth 8 points) Benjamin Franklin describes Andrew Bradford's father as a: pious man. generous man. wise and learned man. naive man. crafty old sophister. Question 8 (Multiple Choice Worth 8 points) What does Thomas Paine value highly in the excerpt from his essay The Crisis ? Freedom Solitude Individuality Spirituality Equality Question 9 (Multiple Choice Worth 8 points) Thomas Jefferson was governor of _______ from 1779 to 1781. Pennsylvania New York Massachusetts Virginia Question 10 (Multiple Choice Worth 8 points) Which is the first house in Philadelphia where Benjamin Franklin slept? The Three Mariners The meetinghouse of the Quakers The house of the Reads The Crooked Billet The printer's house Question 11 (Multiple Choice Worth 8 points) Who lured Squanto and other native Americans on board and kidnapped them? John Smith Thomas Dermer Thomas Hunt John Slany Question 12 (Matching Worth 8 points) Match each author with the correct work. Match Term Definition Olaudah Equiano A) Age of Reason Thomas Paine B) New Experiments and Observations on Electricity Washington Irving C) History of New York Benjamin Franklin D) Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson E) The Life of Gustavus Vassa Question 13 (Multiple Choice Worth 8 points) Why was Olaudah Equiano spared the fetters on the ship carrying slaves? He was well behaved He was too young He was ill He was fishing He had to clean the deck Question 14 (Multiple Choice Worth 8 points) According to Thomas Jefferson, why did the King of England dissolve representative houses repeatedly? For lack of the required number of members For opposing his invasions on the rights of the people For not functioning properly For not looking after the welfare of the people For inciting the people against him

Answers:hahaha do your own homework

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English Shorts Example- Simile, Metaphor, Personification :This is a quick sample of what I want your project to look like. Pay attention to what I did NOT do well like camera focus, volume, font size, etc. so that your own video is much better.