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English Literature Questions and Answers

English literature or the part of any English literature is usually included in the English textbooks. Based on the students’ academic standard, the suitable English literary texts are chosen by the experienced subject experts and consequently, these are included in the syllabus. Moreover, through this literature, students can get subject-oriented knowledge and also they can improve their comprehension skill. Additionally, by following this English literature, students can enhance their vocabulary. After completion of each English text, students need to revise it thoroughly before attempting questions. Both subjective and objective questions can be formed from each English text. Students need to understand the type of question first and based on the question mark, they should write the answer appropriately.

English literature gives students knowledge about various literary texts. These literary texts can be written in a range of periods. Additionally, through these texts, students can get to know the right usage of English language. They can be acquainted with the critical analysis process, which is essential in literature. Moreover, English literature enhances students’ analytical skill and builds an independent approach toward this subject.

English literature questions and answers are available online. Students need to select the particular text and according to that, they can get different types of questions and answers, which are pertinent to that text. By following these questions and answers, students can check their proficiency level and also can revise that text properly. Additionally, they can opt for English proficiency test online. Additionally, online English practice test is quite constructive and worthwhile for students. Moreover, these are ideally designed for students of different classes. Based on a particular topic, this test is designed for a specific class. Most importantly, through these questions and answers designed for each English literary text, students can expand their knowledge in theory. 

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Question:I have my AS English Literature exam in just a week and the exam is based on the narrative voices of the texts which I am studying and I was looking for some tips on how to write on the narrative voices. Anybody out there who is an expert please help me. The texts which I have to study are The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald Enduring Love - Ian Mcewan Poetry of John Keats and Thomas Hardy

Answers:It's easy. Firstly treat the narrative as you would any other piece of text. Follow the same structure as you would normally, as in make a point, quote and then explain. Just avoid saying "he said" and "then it says" etc. Focus on the context of the narrative, the tone, basic stuff like alliteration to amplify certain points etc. Keats and Hardy have a lot of feeling in their poems, as most of them are love poems and stuff, but it wouldnt hurt to learn the background and biographys of the two of them. could come in handy. When refering to the great gatsby, keep refering to the overall fact that its a critique of the american dream, there's tons of references throughout the book, so chances are the narrative will relate to it. Havent read Enduring love so can't help there. As long as you have READ the texts you should have no problem, just relax and the ideas will flow, just remember to quote EVERYTHING to back up your points or you wont score that high. Hope i helped.

Question:A ROSE FOR EMILY BY WILLIAM FAULKNER: HOW WOULD YOU GO ABOUT ANSWERING THIS QUESTION? ANY INFO WILL BE HELPFUL THANKS. how do the character and background of Emily Grierson differ from those of Homer Barron? what general observation about the Society that Faulkner depicts can be made from his portraits of these two characters and from his account of like in the one mississippi town? >>thanks<<

Answers:Try here

Question:my teacher is really annoying, she hasnt told us how to answer the poetry question. so i would like some advice on how to structure an answer comparing two poems, for example what to right in each paragraph. an example question - compare how the role of the parent is presented in 'the affliction of margaret' and 'on my first somme'.

Answers:I've been told that you make three language points, one structure point and one for form. & you always find similar aspects and contrasting ones. The Affliction of Margaret is a horrid poem though, lets hope it doesn't pop up on the exam later in the year.

Question:I had a mock GCSE for english lit today and my book was To Kill a Mockingbird. I had problems as I didn't really know what to put in my essay. Plus I couldn't find the quotes I needed! I've folded down corners. My questions are: What can I do to find my quotes fast? and How can I make my essay better in a short time space of 45mins

Answers:Try this link at Sparksnotes for an explanation of motifs, themes and important scenes: http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/mocking/ Then go here for the most famous quotes from the book: http://www.quotegarden.com/bk-km.html

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