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Knowing general knowledge is important as it is essential for many entrance exams. It encompasses many subjects including History, Geography, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, English and others. Most importantly, general knowledge makes students aware about some important news, incidents, information and other relevant things. English general knowledge questions and answers are quite worthwhile for students. By following these questions and answers, students can get the information about English literature. They can also get the information about some books written in English. Additionally, they get to know about the famous English authors and some new English words and their right implementations.

Online general knowledge test is a good option to assess your knowledge in a thorough manner. Students can opt for this online test before attempting any entrance exams. They can download some free worksheets designed for English general knowledge and practice these at their convenient time. Some well-structured format is followed for English general knowledge worksheet. Multiple choice questions and answers are usually added in these worksheets. In that case, students need to choose the right answer among the other options.

Daily general English quiz is also available online. By practicing this, students can not only brush up their knowledge, but also can enhance their subject knowledge in a proper manner. Latest general knowledge questions and answers 2013 are the updated questions, which are also available online. Moreover, students are advised to practice these repeatedly to get the updated information. It covers all subjects including English and the current affairs.

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Question:Not just I but a lot of my friends who travel extensively to the US feel that most Americans have very limited general knowledge and some of the statements they make just amazes us. We have even noticed most dont even know the Capital city of their own Country. You ask an average American as to what is the capital of India - 99 out of 100 ( leaving aside the Indians who have settled down in the US ) will have no idea ( Its New Delhi - by the way ). Why dont the schools emphasise on General Knowledge as a serious part of the studies in school. It is only a few who travel a lot come out with some answers but look dazed when you ask them some questions which even a child in India could answer. This question is not meant to offend anyone but just out of curiosity. From what I have noticed most Americans live in a "closed" concept where they just know about their own surroundings and the moment you start discussing other things - they are stumped. Why is this so?

Answers:I concur, to a certain extent, that many Americans are not as well educated as they could be. I think that part of the problem is just plain laziness. I am an American, so I am not proud of this idea...but I think that, to some degree, it has the ring of truth. But you know what- it's not just Americans. 70 percent of the people on this planet earth are illiterate. Did you know that? Although there are some Americans who are not so well educated, some of us are. It's a matter of choice. Most people have intelligent brains, but when it comes to putting them to good use, we falter. I think that, peradventure, education systems elsewhere may have superior qualities when contrasted with America's system. Our standards could be loftier. Personally, I am primarily self-educated. I do not have a college degree (albeit, I have taken over a year of college courses in the past), but I love education, learning, and knowledge. There are solutions. We Americans just need to stop being lazy, and place higher standards of excellence for ourselves. One aspect that I think it neglected in our educational system is Geography. As you very well articulated in your example of the capital of India, many Americans are not erudite in terms of geographical matters- and I think that we should be.

Question:Alright guys, no cheating. There's no shame if you get one wrong. Actually, it's pretty good if you can get just a couple right. First question isn't part of the five, but answer it anyway. :) What country do you live in? 1. What country/ies border Portugal? 2. On the border between Canada and the US lies the largest body of fresh water divided into five lakes. Name these lakes. 3. Spherical-like structures covered in a lattice-like design have been built around the world. One in particular is at Epcot, Walt disney world. What is the commonly used term for this type of structure? 4. Recently last year, members of the united nations attended an international conference on climate change, known under it's codename COP15 and the city it's held in. In what northern european city did the conference take place? 5. Answer this math question: 2( 6 - 7 )^2 + 3 ( 8 + 3 ) NOTE: the ^ sign indicates an exponent. Want to check your answers? They'll be up in an hour. ANSWERS: 1. Spain 2. Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario 3. A geodesic structure 4. Copenhagen, Denmark. 5. 2( 6 - 7 )^2 + 3 ( 8 + 3 ) = 2(-1)^2 + 3(11) = 2(1) + 3(11) = 2 + 33 = 35

Answers:1. Portugal is bordered by Spain on the east and north and by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and south 2. Lake Superior, Huron, Erie, Michigan, and Ontario are the lakes that lie on the border between the US and Canada 3. Geodesic dome 4. Copenhagen 5. 35 Thank you ! !

Question:Since I am leaving Y! Answers for like 3 months after 2morrow I better ask this:D 1)Name10muslim countries with literacy rates over 90% 2)Which is the largest muslim country by population? 3)Which is the largest muslim nation by area? 4)Which is the most densely populated muslim nation? 5)What is the % of Arabs in the muslim world? 6)Which nation was the first muslim nation to have a nuclear weapon? 7)Which nation was the first muslim country to successfuly clone an animal? 8)Which muslim nation has the largest military? 9)Which muslim country is the largest contributor to the UN international peacekeeping force? 10)Which muslim country has the highest GDP per head? 11)Which country is the most diverse in terms of religious beliefs yet still with a muslim majority? 12)Name 5muslim countries that officially use Shariah law in its judicial department 13)Which country has the highest no of mosques? 14)Name 3 nations unrecognized by the USA? First to answer correctly gets 10 OK highest number of correct answers win....so guys please answer this... @Sina, there are more countries than that in no.12, I wont say the answers yet, but all my sources are unbiased

Answers:1) Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Palestine. 2) Indonesia 3) Algeria 4) Bangladesh 5) No idea :( 6) Pakistan 7) Iran 8) Pakistan 9) Pakistan 10) Indonesia 11) dunno 12) Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Afghanistan. 13) No idea 14) Palestine

Question:I would prefer questions and answers rather than web sites. Thanks I am loving all the input so far but we will need less American specific questions, as we are in Australia and they will not know the answers

Answers:biggest animal to ever live? blue whale first man made item to break sound barrier? whip capital of alaska Juneau

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