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English Debate Topics

To write about the debate, first we need to know, what debate is. It is an argument and it has its own pattern. The entire process is systematically done between two groups where individual person gets space to expresses his/her point of view in a clear manner. Debate is structured in an organized and disciplined way. Hence, it is interesting and doing debate in class is a good way to understand different topics. Generally, two groups participate in the debate and they follow sophisticated techniques to argue on a particular topic. It is interesting as sometimes, you have to say something, which you do not believe.

Topic is the main point of debate. In schools, teachers help students in choosing the right topic. The topic can be changed from debate to debate. Most importantly, debate topic should be chosen by keeping in mind the students’ age and educational qualification. Generally, current issues and common ideas or philosophies become the topic of debate. Many English debate topics are available online. Students can also choose some debate topics on education. In debate, one group should explain the positive points, whereas the other group can give the negative points. Moreover, debate is a team work and participants of each group should define their statements properly. Here, one group is known as affirmative and other one is negative. ‘Team line’ is important as it defines the basic statement of each group. Through team line, one group explains why the topic is true and why it is not true.

There are some specific rules of debating. First, affirmative should define the topic along with the team line. Later, first speaker of negative team should accept or reject the definition of affirmative’s team and then, they can express their team line, as well. They can also outline some important points of their team. Negative team can also rebut some points presented by the affirmative team. Consequently, second affirmative explain their team line and also rebut some main points of the negative team. Again, second negative should reaffirm their statements. They can rebutting and also explain their point of view in a step-by-step order. It will be continuing but third affirmative can give conclusion or summary and the same process is applicable for the third negative also.

Rebuttal is a part of debate. Team members are generally criticizing the statements presented by the other team members. This process is known as rebuttal. Students need to explain each statement with a proper logic. The second most important part is that students need to pick the important points of the other’s team. Most importantly, in the rebutting process, the team members should criticize the other team members’ statements, but they should not criticize each team member personally.

Moreover, students can select some interesting debate topics in English. They can take teachers’ guidance, as well. Matter, method and manner are three major points of debate. Participants should explain the matter in an understandable manner. They should make their statements clear as well as they can give suitable examples. Moreover, the method of representing your views and facts should be constructive and complete. The team members should prepare their speech in right manner. Individual person should organize their speech properly so that each person can complete the statement along with examples within a stipulated time. The third most important aspect is manner. While explaining statements, participant’s body language and manner should be perfect. Moreover, participant should maintain eye contact with the audience to grab their attention. Based on these three points, students’ performance is judged by the adjudicators.

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Question:We already did illegal immigration, abortion, death penalty, and torture. We need some more interesting polarized topics.

Answers:Censorship, Global warming, Healthcare, Stem Cell Research, Medical Marijuana, Eating Disorders, Teen Pregnancy and Autism.

Question:-Why marijuana should be legal -Why alcohol should be banned -Why every state should have the death penalty If anyone has any other suggestions then please let me know! It has to be a paper that is persuading someone to be for something or against something!

Answers:Medicare should cover more medicine!!! Some people have to eat dog food so they can afford some of their medications. I like your ideas too. If Marijuana was legal the government could moniter it so we would have less deaths due to toxins in it.

Question:They need to be topics that high scholers can kind of relate to and know a lot about them, so far some topic have been prayer in school, tiger woods, video games(anger problems).

Answers:Legalization of drugs, Stem Cell Research Downloading Piracy(Copyright) Death Penalty Animal Testing Violence And Sex on TV School Uniforms

Question:give me the site where i can find it

Answers:Uniforms give a sense of equality. No one can be teased about what they wear. Prevent kids from wasting time in the morning b/c they don't have to choose something different everyday. Kids don't have to worry about looking "cool". Makes you feel more loyal and closer to your school. I can't give you a website to go to because I don't know one but isn't it better if you try to think of some advantages on your own?

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Grade 5 Debate Class :This is one of the 5th grade classes I teach at Hanyang Elementary School in Seoul, South Korea. The debate topic, "Should Children be Allowed to Have Pets?" was chosen by the students.

Debate: College football :Is college football a positive influence in American universities? Debating this topic are professors Thomas Palaima and Lino Graglia. Lino Graglia is the Dalton Cross Professor of Law. Professor Graglia has written that big-time college football is a "fraudulent enterprise." Thomas Palaima is the Raymond F. Dickson Centennial Professor and founding Director of the Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory in the Department of Classics. He is also UT's representative to the national Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics. The event was the second in a series called the Texas Chautauquas, faculty debates on issues of local and national interest that are hosted by the Texas IP Fellows program at the University of Texas at Austin. Texas IP Fellows are Natural Science and Liberal Arts majors who design interdisciplinary minors on topics of personal interest.