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Question:Read the following passage, and then answer the questions: On a September day in 1991, two Germans were climbing the mountains between Austria and Italy. High up on a mountain pass, they found a body of a man lying on the ice. At that height (3,200 meters) the ice is usually permanent. But 1991 had been an especially warm year. The mountain ice had melted more than usual and so the body had come to the surface. It was laying face downward. The skeleton was in perfect condition, except for a large wound in the head. There was still skin on the bones and the remains of some clothes. The hands were still holding the wooden handle of an axe. On the feet there were simple leather and cloth boots. Nearby was a pair of gloves made of tree bark and a holder for arrows. Who was this man? How and when had he died? Everybody had a different answer to these questions. The mountain climbers who had found the body said it seemed thousands of years old. But others thought that it might be before this century. Perhaps it was the body of a soldier who died in World War I. In fact several World War I soldiers had already been found in that area of the mountains. On the other hand, a Swiss woman believed it might be her father. He had died in these mountains 20 years before and his body had never been found. A- Answer the following questions: 4- What struck the two German climbers about the body? And what is ment by the word (struck) in the previous question?

Answers:The word "struck" is being used in its connotative sense, in other words, not as the dictionary definition of struck/strike which means to hit. Rather, it refers to what the Germans "noticed about the man in the ice; what was particularly interesting, unusual, out of the ordinary, important. Now that you know what the question means, what do you think the two Germans particularly noticed about the body in the ice? This part you can answer yourself.

Question:i am an English teacher, and i teach grade 6 boys. i need some passages as a reading about codes, pastimes and spies. also i need some funny exercises as grammar and activities. can you help me??

Answers:Some good websites to check out are ABCteach.com, edhelper.com, enchantedlearning.com, or learningplanet.com. This is where i get a majority of my comprehension passages from. Usually, i have to change the questions though in order to make them more challenging for my enrichment students.

Question:I am teaching English reading to intermediate level Chinese students, and their standard tests will involve a comprehension passage and four multiple choice questions. As well as teaching/providing practice for the standard reading skills, I would like to do some practice comprehension tests throughout the semester and teach specific skills for passing these examinations. In my mind, the methodology is something as follows: 1. Skim the text for gist, not being too concerned with the unfamiliar lexis; 2. Read the questions; 3. Read the text intensively, trying to answer the questions directly, without recourse to the multiple choice alternatives; 4. Then choose the best answer from the multiple choice; 5. Re-read and check. I haven't got any authoritative sources on this methodology. It is just something I have from memory as a student and a couple of websites. Does anyone have an authoritative source or opinion on this subject? Thanks for your help. :-) Hi Melissa! VERY helpful - Thank you! And thanks for the cheerful encouagement! :-)

Answers:The University of Connecticut offers a few strategies for teaching reading comprehension on their web site. I'm not sure how you can relate those strategies to your exams because everyone has their own method of exam creation. If you visit this site you will find many helpful articles for teaching vocabulary and comprehension. I hope you find what you are looking for and I encourage your desire to improve on your strategies. Those are one of the signs of good teaching, someone who is always willing to learn is always a better teacher for it. http://www.literacy.uconn.edu/compre.htm Was this answer helpful? Cheers!

Question:now i will be glad to recieve answers but please do keep in mind the passages are of high level and accuracy matters a lot....... however everybody's contribution is valuable so please do answer.. (note: in above question the page length is standard A4 size)

Answers:Such questions are asked to test two things... first, how many details you notice and remember after seeing the content and second, of course, to test your lingual capacity... so keep this in mind when you answer

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