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English Composition Topics

Composition is narrative works, which is related to literature. It is related to biographies, essays and other relevant works. English composition is included in the syllabus to enhance the writing skill of students. Through English composition, students can represent their ideas more convincingly. They can think and elaborately explain their thoughts, views, ideas and opinions in a systematic manner. English composition courses are generally designed by the experienced subject experts and each course is methodically prepared by focusing on writing so that students who, has completed this course, can communicate with others in a better manner. It encourages students to do different kinds of narrative works by using their innovative ideas.

Composition is quite creative and through composition, one can express his/her point of views on a particular topic. Students can write about something which is happening in the world. In short, they can take any current event as a topic. They can narrate the fact along with their personal feelings and views. In English compositions, students can also express their personal thoughts and their experiences, as well. Writing composition can enhance students’ vocabulary skill as while writing about a particular topic; students need to use some new words or some good combination of words to represent their point of views. Additionally, they should write well-structured sentences without making any grammatical mistakes. Moreover, students can get English grammar composition online.

Before starting any composition, students need to plan it out properly. Students need to write down some points on a paper and based on that, they can elaborate their thoughts and views in a step-by-step manner so that reader can also feel good by following the composition. Some steps are there and these assist students in formatting their composition. First, students need to choose the characters of their compositions. The second is the place means where did it happen? Third is the time means when story was occurred. Fourth, students need to explain their topics or stories clearly along with a conclusion. Moreover, students need to explain the entire composition in a realistic way. While writing compositions, students should use their imagination and writing skill together to make their composition comprehensive and organized.

Some English composition topics are as follows:
  • My best friend
  • My pets
  • A heartbreaking Christmas
  • A terrifying experience
  • Mobile phones on campus
  • My dreamy world
  • The greatest invention
  • An unforgettable experience

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Question:I got a 36 on my ACT composite test (35 English and Math, 36 Science and Reading), but an 8 on the writing subscore (combined English/writing 31). I had previously been angling for Brown, Stanford, Berk, schools that I had hoped I'd have a slim shot at, but now I'm wondering if I should attempt the test again and perhaps do better on the essay. I don't know if schools will look at the composite and writing scores of different tests, although I know Stanford does. Or, possibly, I could take the SAT again, since I tend to do a little better with their kind of prompts, which deal with ideas more than academic topics. But I only got a 2210 on that, so I just don't know. I'm hoping to major in political science/government, so I'm guessing writing is kinda important.

Answers:Both of your scores are pretty good. though if I were you I might retake the SAT to try to improve your score, as I'm sure you can probably do at least a little bit better since you did so well on the ACT. What are you planning on majoring in though? If it's math or science based, they probably won't care as much about the essay, though if it's English-related, then I would definitely take it again. Was it the prompt that had you stumped, or did you just not have enough time. Though I'm sure that they would love to see you do well on the essay, if you have a great admissions essay they might ignore the ACT essay. A 31 combined English/Writing is still good though, even if it's not quite as good as your other scores. However, if you feel you can do better, go for it. Make sure you practice doing timed writing though, otherwise it could just be a waste of time.

Question:So, i'm in grade 7 . and i would like a good, interesting oral speech topic for my english class. We have over a month to work on it, but i'd like to start planning now. Thanks! xx

Answers:about how much you love the jonas brothers. LOL. well for a serious topic come up with how a company got started or about a book and about a fun topic do something about like hollisiter or why apparently monkeys aren't good pets.

Question:I have to do a 1000 word report in my language class. What topic do you think would have the most information: leprosy, nuclear wast, or dyslexia?

Answers:All of those topics will have tons of information out there... the real question is: Which topic are you the most interested in?

Question:I need a narrowed topic to use for my english class but I can't come up with anything. It has to be something that reflects cultural expression, which really can be anything. I thought about doing something with the music culture or the gay culture but i dont know what to narrow it down to. Can anyone help me with some ideas?

Answers:I read in the paper about how America is getting more rude. This was right after the Kanye West incident at the VMA's. It also mentioned how people leave nasty comments because they can remain anonymous. You can maybe do something along those lines Or. A topic i did in college, which got me an 'A', was I compared the similarities and differences between fraternities and gangs. Or. Do a paper on the 4 elements of hip hop culture. Break dancing, grafitti, DJing, and MCing. Be sure to mention that it started in South Bronx too. Guaranteed to get you an 'A'

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English Composition :Mastering English Composition is an educational and entertaining, lesson-based learning supplement based on the award-winning Mastering Series teaching style. Each program includes full classroom performance rights includes Humorous lessons review the fundamentals of Composition, including interpreting the assignment, prewriting techniques, structure, organization, using research, revising, journal writing, and more. In Mastering English Composition you will learn ... Program 1: Enter the Writer: Get ready to witness bold ideas, extreme penmanship and some handy-dandy advice on how to write the perfect English paper as the Mastering Series start you off on the writing process. Program 2: Free Writing: Mastering Series show you how to get started on your paper with two simple steps: defining the task and clarifying the assignment. Learn to free write your topics, wow your audience, and get the feedback you need to write a grade-A paper. Program 3: Research & Rough Draft: Collecting inform Go to the library, search cyberspace, and conduct surveys as the Mastering Series gather the information needed to write a top-notch paper. Then we'll build the backbone of your ideas: the outline. These steps will lead you to your next challenge, the part that separates the writers from the scribblers: the rough draft. Program 4: From the First Line to the Last Draft: The Mastering Series go back to the beginning - the beginning of your paper. Learn how to knock your reader's socks off ...

English Essay Formula 1: How to Outline the 5-Paragraph Essay/Composition :Your essay will write itself--if you know how to outline it with a thesis and three topic sentences following this formula.