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English Class xi Question Answers

English is a common language subject and it is added in each syllabus designed by the different educational boards in India. Students usually start learning English from their elementary level. Knowing English is quite essential for students as it makes them capable for different job prospects. This language is extensively used in many fields including literature, movies, media, news, communication, aviation and most importantly, it has great demand in the global business sector. It is used as an official language in many countries and research suggests that almost 2 billion people use English language as a medium of communication. Apart from this, world’s top books, films are published in English and to get more information about different civilizations, students must know English. Additionally, content available in internet is also written in English and therefore, knowing English enables students to access a large amount of information written in different topics. Moreover, it is quite valuable to learn as it gives many opportunities to students in the international market.

To impart a thorough understanding in English, the educational boards prepare suitable English syllabus for class 11 students. As we all know, class 11 is an important academic standard where students can brush up their basic English knowledge as well as they learn the advanced level. Generally the entire English syllabus designed for class 11 is divided into 3 parts. First one is section A, which is designed with reading comprehension. Here, two unseen passages are included and these passages can be a part of description, reports, persuasive writing, autobiography, fiction, travelogue and others. In this section, students’ understanding and comprehension level is judged thoroughly. The next part is section B and it contains writing skills and grammar. Here, students need to write letters, notice, bio-data, job applications and others. Students’ grammatical skill is assessed in this section. Moreover, the last part is Section C and it is designed with literature and long reading texts. Parts of novels are included in this section. These literature and texts are chosen based on the students’ academic standard. Students need to write different types of answers. Here, through these different questions, students’ comprehension skill at different level including literal and inferential is gauged properly.

Moreover, English class xi question-answers are well-structured and students need to practice these thoroughly to understand the entire curriculum. They can also practice English grammar questions and answers to revise each grammar topic properly. Additionally, students can opt for online learning assistances to make their learning more constructive and organized. With the online learning sessions, students can clear their subject oriented doubts in a systematic manner. Moreover, they can download the question-answers sheets designed for class 11 and practice these at their convenient time. General English questions and answers are also available online and by practicing these questions and answers, students can prepare for general interview.

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Question:am i the only idiot that thinks English class is useless? personally, i think if you can speak it, understand it, and write it i think your good. you don't need any of this pronoun, transitive verbs sh!t unless your teaching it!!!

Answers:Well, English teachers teach you to use "you're" instead of "your" when you're asking a question like this. I'd say you're not far off in wondering if you're the only idiot wondering this...

Question:2.The structure of a sonnet is A.2 quatrains followed by a couplet. B.3 quatrains followed by a couplet. C.4 sets of couplets followed by a quatrain. D.5 lines with a syllable pattern of 5-7-5-7-7. 3.The rhyming scheme of a sonnet is A.a-b-a-b-a-b-c-c. B.a-b-c-a-b. C.a-b-a-b-c-d-c-d. D.a-b-a-b-a-b-a-b. 4.The first quatrain usually A.presents a problem. B.explains the main idea and main metaphor. C.sets the scene with three vivid adjectives. D.introduces the narrator. 5.The second quatrain usually A.complicates or extends the theme and metaphor. B.introduces an opposing metaphor. C.brings in additional characters. D.summarizes the poem s theme. 6.The third quatrain usually A.summarizes the poem s main idea. B.repeats the first quatrain in some way. C.explains the metaphor even further. D.introduces a twist or conflict using the word but. 7.The sonnet ends with a A.final quatrain which summarizes the main idea. B.couplet which offers a concluding image. C.couplet which repeats two previous lines. D.quatrain which repeats the first s rhyming pattern. 8.The main metaphor of Shakespeare s Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer s Day is A.a summer s day to show the narrator s joyous love. B.blossoms compared to how short life really is. C.a summer s day in contrast to the undying beauty of his lover. D.the heat of summer compared to the warmth of life. 9.According to the concluding couplet of Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer s Day, how will the speaker s lover live forever? A.She will live on in his memory. B.She will live on in this sonnet. C.She will be remembered with each summer day. D.She has immortal qualities. 10.Who is the author of the best known sonnets? A.Emily Dickenson B.Robert Frost C.Edgar Allen Poe D.William Shakespeare

Answers:2. B 3. C 4. A 5. A 6. D 7. B 8. C 10. D There are two main types of sonnets, Shakespearean and Petrarchan. I'm assuming based on questions 8 and 9 that these questions are focused on a Shakespearean sonnet. Good luck! :)

Question:The stolen car is a Honda. A.Predicate nominative B.Predicate adjective 7.That sunset was gorgeous. A.Predicate nominative B.Predicate adjective 8.Dinner is pizza. A.Predicate nominative B.Predicate adjective 9.My hard drive is fried. A.Predicate nominative B.Predicate adjective 10.The stolen car is red. A.Predicate nominative B.Predicate adjective

Answers:Nominative just means a noun, the name of a person, place or thing ' An adjevtive is a word that describes a noun. In this case, it describes the subject. Car = Honda Honda is the name of a thing so it is a noun, and because it is a predicate, it is a predicate nominative. Sun=gorgeous. Georgeous tells you what the sunset was like , so it is an adjective, etc.

Question:How do I find the correct verb for theese 1.The steamed carrots, not the steamed broccoli, ____ first on the menu. A.appear B.appearing C.appears D.were appearing 2.Our supply of candy bars ____ very fast. A.gone B.goes C.go D.did go 3.The reasons for her illness ____ easy to see. A.are B.is C.ain t D.was 4.The list of guest authors _____ the librarian. A.was impressive B.impressing C.impress D.impresses 5.The uses of plastic ____ unlimited. A.is B.am C.are D.was 6.This movie about environmental changes _____ many fine ideas for going green. A.show B.have C.has D.having 7.The store is having a sale today and the couch together with the chair _____ $1,200. A.costs B.costed C.cost D.costing 8.The rivalry between the two teams ____ fierce. A.are B.is C.have been D.were 9.David, along with his cousins, _____ going fishing on the river. A.loves B.love C.loving D.had love 10.The effects of lack of sleep _____ up on me during finals week. A.sneaking B.sneaks C.sneaking D.sneak

Answers:1. The steamed carrots, not the steamed broccoli, _APPEARS___ first on the menu. A. appear B. appearing C. appears D. were appearing 2. Our supply of candy bars _GOES___ very fast. A. gone B. goes C. go D. did go 3. The reasons for her illness _ARE___ easy to see. A. are B. is C. ain t D. was 4. The list of guest authors _IMPRESSES____ the librarian. A. was impressive B. impressing C. impress D. impresses 5. The uses of plastic _IS___ unlimited. A. is B. am C. are D. was 6. This movie about environmental changes __HAS___ many fine ideas for going green. A. show B. have C. has D. having 7. The store is having a sale today and the couch together with the chair _COSTS____ $1,200. A. costs B. costed C. cost D. costing 8. The rivalry between the two teams _HAVE BEEN___ fierce. A. are B. is C. have been D. were 9. David, along with his cousins, __LOVES___ going fishing on the river. A. loves B. love C. loving D. had love 10. The effects of lack of sleep SNEAKS_____ up on me during finals week. A. sneaking B. sneaks C. sneaking D. sneak WHAT GRADE R U IN THESE ARE WAY EASY

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