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Energy Conservation Working Models

There are various energy conservation working models that can designed on the basis of different types of energies used. 
Solar energy is the one that comes to mind when energy consumption is thought about. 
The investment in solar energy would be high initially but in the long run the energy consumption will be less.

One of the best working models for conserving energy can be using the solar energy to heat the water using the solar panels installed on the terrace. Another example of energy consumption can be like the use of rain water harvesting techniques. 
This will help in reducing the water consumption wherever this system is installed. 
Though the initial cost of installing this system would be high but great dividends can be reaped later.

Solar energy can be used to power calculators and other devices which require power. 
Solar lanterns are examples of energy conservation working models and similar models can be easily found out. 
The working models help in reducing the energy consumed and hence the reduction in costs in the long run.

There is scarcity of water in various places but they receive good amount of rainfall. This condition can be improved with the help of rain water harvesting system.
In this system the rain water is not allowed to be wasted and is conserved. 
The conservation of rain water is done with the help of a storage tank. The water that falls on the terrace is collected with the help of pipes and brought to the point where the tank is built.

The water then falls into the tank and the tank is closed. The tank is in fact air sealed so that the germs cannot enter the tank and water does not get spoiled. 
This is very important because if the water comes in contact with the atmosphere there are chances of it getting spoilt. 
This is the reason for the sealing of the tank. 
Before the water is stored in the tank the impurities in the water must be removed. 
This can be done through various techniques. The most common and the simple one is the placing of the filter at the mouth of the tank. 
So, the water gets filtered and only then it enters the tank. So, the water that is stored is pure and does not get spoilt. 
This water can be stored for a long period and can be used all the year round. 
So, water is conserved, otherwise the rainwater goes waste. With rainwater harvesting, it can be effectively used.

Some other energy conservation working models are solar power production devices, solar lanterns, and solar water heaters and so on. 
The solar energy falls on the panels on the terrace and this energy is then used to heat the water in the water tanks. 
Otherwise the same water would have been heated with the help of electrical energy or the cooking gas. 
By using solar energy this could be avoided. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and is available in abundance. 
So, it must be effectively harnessed for the benefit of mankind. This also does not cause pollution to the environment. 
The efficiency of the solar energy is less but the technology is improving and over the coming years the more efficient solar devices will be in market. 
One of the disadvantages of the solar energy is that the initial cost of harnessing this energy is costly but in the long run it is highly cost effective. So, it is high time that we start investing in solar energy for the future.