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elements with the symbol and valency

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Answers:bromine for "s" and "p" orbitals look at the number in front of the "p". it's the row number on a periodic table. the 5 means there are 5 p electrons. look at this periodic table. http://www.ptable.com click on the "orbitals" tab. move around the table and watch how the electrons fill

Question:and i dont want it in the periodic table form i want it as a list of elements and radicals with their valencies alongwith their atomic no. , mass no., electronic configuration, and of course, their symbols.

Answers:here its inter active or color coded and expanded wow for all that i need a local

Question:Specifically, is there a Lewis symbol for the transition metals? All of the material that I can find online only seems to apply to the main groups of the periodic table. Does the fact that the transition metals generally have two valence electrons in the S subshell mean that they have the same Lewis symbol as the group 2A elements or are Lewis symbols only defined for the main groups?

Answers:Because the electron orbital sublevels overlap Lewis diagrams do not exist for transitional metals. You only use Lewis dot diagrams for the alkali, alkaline earth metals and the elements filling the p orbital, especially the non-metals and metaloids. Even the Boron and metals that are filling their p shells don't follow the octet rule and this limits the use of Lewis dot diagrams in determining how electrons bonds are formed.

Question:can u plz give me a list of 20 elements with their atomic number,valencies and symbols

Answers:try this link: http://www.chemicalelements.com there you get information of each element on periodic table.

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Creating the Elements - Sixty Symbols :How do stars and supernovae create the elements. More physics and astronomy at www.sixtysymbols.com