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Question:Translate these verbal expression into a mathematical expression: Twice the product of eight more than a number. Use x as variable.

Answers:Technically, Angel, I don't think you have a complete mathematical expression described in your words. Your words contain three key elements: 1. TWICE = Multiply something by 2 2. THE PRODUCT OF = Take two terms and multiply them together 3. EIGHT MORE THAN A NUMBER = (x + 8) The problem with your word statement is there is only one mathematical term following the words THE PRODUCT OF and you must have two mathematical terms to create a product. To be come up with an answer, this part of the statement needs to read - the product of eight more than a number AND SOME OTHER MATHEMATICAL TERM. The answer to your question is NOT 2(x + 8) The correct words to describe 2(X + 8) would be - TWICE EIGHT MORE THAN A NUMBER -or- TWO TIMES EIGHT MORE THAN A NUMBER

Question:I was wondering if this is the right answer 8x-(x+3)^2. If this wrong can you tell me or show me why?

Answers:AS you read the statement try to replace it with expressions example =seven more than the number is twelve ---------------- 7 ------+ ------------------x ------- =----12 so 7+x=12 Eight times the difference of a number squared and three? ---8--------* --------------( - )---------------- x^2 ------------------- 3 8 *(x^2-3)

Question:Turn each sentence into an equation or inequality. 1) Four less than w is eight. 2) q divided by three is four 3) Six times the difference of y and two is less than twelve. 4) Twice the sum of 4a and nine is less than thirteen. Turn each equation/inequality into a sentence. 4) 7x = 21 5) 2(c + 3) > 24 6) 5(2x - 4) = 32 7) 6 -8x = 97

Answers:Wow... I am in 8th grade and i know how to do that... tsk tsk

Question:Write an algebraic expression and solve the equation for: Eight less than four times a number is the same as eight times the sum of the number and two. What is the number?

Answers:let the number be x 4x-8=8(x+2) 4x-8=8x+16 4x=-24 x=-6